Company A 120th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

 Big Black River Battlefield 17 May 1863
Big Black River, Mississippi, 17 May 1863
Pywell, Wm. R. 1843-1886 photographer, Library of Congress

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Company A of the 120th OVI
Arranged alphabetically regardless of rank
Majority signed for 3 years.
Date beside name is date of Entering the Service and the  
information about service is taken from
Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio, 1888, Vol 8
Some burials are from the Roll of Honor in the back of the Official Roster book.

Those who died in service are marked with a
red *.
For more on Camp Ford where the Snaggy Point captives were held, see history section and links


The following Muster Roll records can be found at:
National Archives Microfilm Publications; Microcopy No. 594; Compiled Records Showing Service of Military Units in Volunteer Union Organizations; Roll 160; Ohio; One Hundred Twentieth Infantry through One Hundred Twenty-ninth Infantry
[Researcher's annotations in brackets]
PDF Map of place names]
Captain J. H. Downing: [Captain Downing resigned 18 Feb 1863 because of ill health; Joseph P. Rummel was promoted to Captain 14 Mar 1863]
Nov and Dec 1862 shows station of company nr [near] Vicksburg Miss.
Record of events:  The 120 Regt O.V.I. left bks [barracks] nr[near] Covington Ky on the 21st day of Nov. '62 and landed at Memphis Tenn on the 4th day of Dec 1862 and on the 20 day of Dec 62 said Regt left Memphis Tenn as part of the expedition for the reduction of Vicksburg and the re opening of the Mississippi River and landed at a point on the Yazoo River near Vicksburg on the 26th day of Dec.  on the 28 and 29 of said month the Regt was engaged in action with the enemy.  On the 28 Judson Wells was wounded in the thigh by a musket ball.  On the 29 Cyrus Walter and Levi Mourer each received a slight wound the former in the hand the latter in the head.  Men behaved extremely well in action.  

Jan and Feb 1863 shows station of company, Youngs Point La.

Apr 10th, 1863 shows station of company, at Smiths Plantation, Madison Parish La.  

Mch and Apl, 1863 shows station of company, in the field, Miss.

May and June, 1863 shows station of company, at Big Black.
Record of events:  Comp A was engaged in the Battle of Thompson Hill as skermishers May 1st 63.  Samuel Smedley wounded in left elbow.  marched and bivouaced until the 19th of May when the 120 joined the column in the charge of the day in rear of Vicksburg.  Henry Dunham Private wounded in foot.  Skirmished in Co's untill the 22nd when we again charged upon the enemies works without loss.  On the 24th we marched to the place where we have remained to the present date.

July and Aug, 1863  shows station of company Carrollton, La  [Carrollton was annexed int 1874 by New Orleans.]

Record of events:  Camp at Big Black [Mississippi] received orders to be ready to march at a moments warning on the 5th of July 1863 destination Jackson Miss.  Left on the evening of the 6th.  Skirmished on the 7th every day from then till the 10th when we drove the rebel pickets into their rifle pits in front of the city and general engagements commenced on the 10th. Lt W. V.Vanostern and private W. W. Watson stunned & Henry Dunham stunned.  On the 12th Col Speigle and Lt Totten were wounded from the bursting of a shell from one of our own guns. on the 15 relieved by Genl T????? West Division.  We fell back from the front and on the night of the 16th the enemy evacuated the City of Jackson Miss.  On the 17 our troops took possession.  Left for Vicksburg on the 22nd.  Arrived at Vicksburg on the 26th.  Embarked for Port Hudson on 8 Aug.  went into camp at Port Hudson [north of Baton Rouge] on the 10th Aug.  Read marching orders on the 12th. Destination N. O.  Left for Orleans on 18.  Arrived here on the 20th where we are now encamped.

Sept and Oct 1863  shows station of company Camp near Iberia La.
Record of events:  Camp Carrollton La. Left Carrollton on the evening of the fifth and landed at Bayou Boeuf on the 6th.  Left bayou boeuf on the eleventh and marched to Brashear City[now Morgan City].  Left Brashear City on the twenty fifth and crossed over the bay to Burwick [Berwick] La.[St. Mary Parish]  Left Burwick on the third and started on the march and went into camp at Vermillion bayou [Abbeville] on the tenth.  Left Vermillion bayou on the twenty third and went into camp near Opelousas [St. Landry Parish] on the twenty fifth.  Left Opelousas on the 27th then started back. ?Landed at Vermillion bayou on the 29th and went into camp near Iberia La. 

Nov and Dec 1863 shows station of company at Plaquemine La
Record of events: Camped 2 miles east of New Iberia. 6th moved 2 miles west of the City.  remained 3 days expecting an attack.  9 moved at 5 oclock A. M. for Franklin La. marched 23 miles and bivouacked for the night near Franklin La. 10 moved at 6 oclock A M. marched 25 miles and encamped for the night within 4 miles of Berwick City La.  11 marched at 6 AM.  to Berwick and went into camp.  Nov 18 crosssed Berwick bay and camped at Brashear Ctiy.  ? 19 recd orders at 1 oclock A M   ?? in line at 2½ A.M.  moved east 2.5 miles by rail.  disembarked passed Thibadaux and passed up Boyu Lay fanche [Bayou Lafourche] to Donaldsonville at which place we arrived on the 21st.  immediately embarked on S. B. Gno? Warner and landed at dark at Plaquemine La at which place we have since remained doing garrison duty and fortifying and men on duty fully half of the time.  

Jan and Feb 1864  shows station of company at Chastans Plantation [Pointe Coupee Parish, Plantation of John Chastan]
Record of events:  On the 19 day of Jan 1864 Co's A and I commanded by Christopher Au rec'd orders from Co. L.A. Sheldon Comd'g Post at Plaquemine La to proceed to Rescuss Plantation to oversee and enforce the building of a levee.  We completed the levee and on the 19th day of Feb 1864 We received orders from Brig Genl Cook Comdg U.S.F. at Baton Rouge to proceed to Chastans plantaion and remain until further orders.

Mch and Apr 1864  shows station of company at Baton Rouge, La

May and June, 1864   shows station of company at Morganza, La.

July and Aug, 1864 no station given

Sept and Oct 1864   shows station of company at Mouth of White River, Ark.
Record of events:  At Morganza La Sept 1 /64.  Embarked on transports Sept 4th.  Landing at the Mouth of White River Sept 9.  Went into camp.  Embarked on transports? again the morning of the 11th.  Landed at St Charles, Ark [Arkansas county] the 12th.  went into Camp.  Embarked again the 22 of Oct and landed at Duvals Bluff  [DeValls Bluff, Prairie Co] Ark the 28.  Went into Camp.  Embarked again the 26 And landed at the Mouth of White River ?? the 28 and went into camp.  
No muster out roll of Co.  

------ [The 120th OVI merged into the 114th OH Inf on 27 Nov 1864.]    

The file for each soldier is a pdf file.  Click on the name to view the file.
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If you want a bio of one of the soldiers, the list below is for you.
If you want a snapshot view of the Company, click here for the spreadsheet summary of the men of the Company.  

* marks those who died in service

BATDORF, John H         John Harrison BATDORF


BUCHER, Thomas


BUDD, Andrew

CARR, Lucius C.
    Lucius Cranmore CARR
Carson, James M

COE, Stephen M.
   Stephen McCoy COE
COMP, Joseph

COWELL, Christopher
CRAMER, Benjamin    Not on original list
DOUGLASS, William W.
DOWNING, Joseph H.



FETZER, Abraham
FINLEY, Luther
     Luther Calvin FINLEY
FOLTZ, David E.

FRANKS, Abraham
FREEDLEY, Benjamin
*    Benjamin R. FRIEDLY
FUNK, David S.
*    David Seifert FUNK

GOOD, George E.

HAWKINS, Nicholas S.
HENNY [HENRY], William C.
HUGHES, Albert
JONES, Isaiah
KEAN, John L.
KIDD, John
KURTZ, Benjamin
McCOY, Neil
McKEE, Robert L.  
MARTIN, Abraham
METZLER, George W.
MOORE, Charles
MOWER, Levi  
RAY, John
RAY, Samuel *
RAY, Zachariah
REED, Hiram
ROUCH, Mahlon
RUMMEL, Joseph P.
SCHAAF, Albert
SCHAAF, Michael
SCRUBY, Charles
SHREVE, Emanuel
SHREVE, Israel H.
SHREVE, William A.
SHURTZ, William D.
*   Need to get pension record
SMITH. James
SNURE, Henry
SOLIDAY, Jacob *
SPARR, Peter
SPONSLER, William H. H.
STITT, Robert T.
STONE, Hiram
SUMNEY, Robert
TAGGART, William R.
TINSLER, James, Jr.
TOMS, Abraham
VAN OSTERN, William V.
WALLACE, William W.
WATSON, William W.
WEAVER, Daniel *
WELLS, Benjamin S.
WELLS, Cyreneus
WELLS, Judson
WILSON, James A.
WINKLER, Lawrence B.


Two soldiers listed incorrectly on the 120th by some sources, John Motter and Franklin Hargrave:

Not on the original list.  Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System does not list this soldier in the 120th OH.  There was a John MOTTER in the 102nd OH.  
Pension card:  John MOTTER, Co A 120th OH Inf.  Applied for invalid pension 8 Jan 1891 but not given a certificate.  So the 120th on the Pension Card was a mistake.


I am leaving this soldier, Franklin HARGRAVE, here in case someone else gets the information from the pension card at and comes here looking for Franklin at this site.

Not part of the 120th OVI and removed from list:
HARGRAVE, Franklin

Incorrect Pension card for Franklin HARGRAVE:  Co A, 120th OH Inf.   Widow Rebecca A. HARGRAVE applied for widow's pension on 11 Jun 1914.  But it is noted "Declaration: held in Law Division.]

Thanks to Debbie Ferdetta for this research at the National Archives!

Franklin L. Hargrave enrolled at Camp Delaware, Delaware Co OH, on 11 Sep 1862 as a Private, in Co A, 121st OVI.  He was discharged 8 Jun 1865 at Washington DC.  He was 5 ft 7.5 inches tall, sandy hair, black eyes, sandy complexion.  He was  a farmer, born 27 Feb 1837 at Davidson Co NC.  After the war he lived at Logan Co OH from 1865 to 1874 and at New Haven, Allen Co IN from 1874 to present.   He was getting a pension of $12 per month.  [1 Mar 1907.]
According to footnote, Hargrave Franklin A served in the 120 OVI, Company A. No numbers on his pension card, just a note that declaration held in law division.  Footnote also has a Hargrave Franklin L that served in the 121 OVI company A
According to Ancestry, Hargrave, Franklin L. served in the 121 OVI, Company A.
(The footnote and ancestry cards are different indexes.  Footnote is an earlier index and wasn't always maintained in the end. This is per National Archive Staff.)
I had alot of help from a member of the archive staff on this one.  They were really interested in the note on the footnote card.  I requested pension files for him under both units.  Only one pension file and that application lists his service as with the 121 OVI.  On advice of the archival staff, I also checked his carded medical records.  All medical care was received as a 121 OVI soldier.  Payments to his widow also noted his service in the 121.  No CMSR for a Hargrave in the 120 OVI.
Conclusion of the archival staff is that the 120 on the footnote index is a typo.  It should have been 121.  No explanation of the different middle initial.   As he was not a soldier of the 120 OVI, I did not gather much data on him.  I did copy a few pages with marriage, kids and death info.  If you want more details on him, let me know.
Now the "declaration held in law division".  This was looked up for me as no one was familiar with the term.  When the gov't suspected fraud with an application, or by the lawyer the application would be sent the the law division.   There were several legal rulings in this file that I haven't seen in others.  His widow had applied for a pension due to the soldier dying from a war injury.  This was not true.  Later lawyer explain it was an error, and not fraud.  She was entitled to the pension due to being a widow and the claim of the soldier dying from a war injury was an error or misunderstanding by the first lawyer.  Eventually it was all sorted out.


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