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Company B of the 120th OVI
Arranged alphabetically regardless of rank
Majority signed for 3 years.
There are 116 names on this list.

Date beside name is date of Entering the Service and the
information about service is taken from Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio, 1888, Vol 8

Those who died in service are marked with a
red *.
For more on Camp Ford where the Snaggy Point captives were held, see history section and links.


The following Muster Roll records can be found at:
[Researcher's annotations in brackets]
[PDF Map of place names]

Captain R. M. Brayton.  Co B 120th Regt Ohio Inf.  Commanded by Daniel French.   [Brayton resigned 14 Jan 1863; Henry Eberhart became Captain]

Company B Muster Roll Oct 15 to 31, 1862  shows station of company, at Barracks near Covington KY

Company left camp Mansfield on the 25th day of October 1862 and arrived at Barracks near Covington KY October 26, 1862 by Rail way.
Nov and Dec 1862 shows station of company, Battlefield near Chicasaw Bluff
Record of events:  Company B left Covington Barracks with the Reg on the 21st day of Nov 1862 and went on board the steamer Fort Wayne bound for Memphis Tenn.Arrived at that place Dec 7, 1862 and camped there until the 20th day of Dec, 1862 when we sailed on board the Key West  ??? for Vicksburgh Mississippi.  we arrived at the mouth of the Yazoo River Dec ?24 and landed about 10 miles up the Yazoo river Dec 26.  On Sunday the 28th the Reg. was ordered to storm a battery and became engaged with the enemy  -  had none either killed or wounded.  On Monday - Tuesday Dec 29 and 30 the Co. skirmished.  The Co. behaved very well during the engagement.  [Key West possibly the steam ship on this page:]
Jan and Feb, 1863  shows station of company, Young Point, La
Co B left the battlefield near Vicksburgh with the Reg Jan ?1st.  Went aboard the steamer Key West.  Left the mouth of the Yazoo river Jan ?? and proceeded up the Mississippi river until we came opposite the White River where we stopped Jan 8.  Jan ?? started up the White river and when within 2 miles of Arkansas Post we halted, disembarked and proceeded within one mile of the fort Jan 10.  Jan 11  -  1? o'clock P.M. we became engaged with the enemy which lasted until 4 'clock PM and closed in the surrender of the fort.  Co B went on board the steamer Crescent City Jan 15 and 17 started down the river and arrived at Youngs Point La, Jan 22 at which place we went into camp Jan 20, '63.
Apr 10 1863 shows station of company, at Smiths Plantation La
Mch and Apr 1863 shows station of company, in the field.
May and June 1863 shows station of company, June 30, 1863 Nr Big Black River, Miss.
July and Aug 1863   shows station of company, 31 Aug, 1863 Carleton La.
Sept and Oct 1863   shows station of company, Oct 31, 1863 New Iberia, La.
Record of Events:  Regiment left Carrolton [near New Orleans] La Sept 5; crossed the river to Algiers [area of New Orleans on the west bank of the Mississippi] taking the train and landing at bayou Boeuf [just south of Lac des Allemands] on the 6th.  Remained at bayou Boeuf until the morning of the 11th.  from there we marched to Brashear City, La, taking qrs. and remaining until the 25 of Apr, at which time we crossed Berswick bay and remained there until the 3rd day of Oct.  On the 3rd we took up our line of march in the direction of Franklin, reached Camp Becthel about one o'clock P. M.  Bivouaced for the night, again took up our line of march on the morning of the 4th.  passed through most beautiful country abounding with oranges, and the country being well improved and roads good our army seemed to manifest a taste for marching; passed through Centerville reaching Franklin about 2 o'clock P. M.
On the 5th we again took up the line of march and continued until about one oclock, when we halted and bivouaced for the night and in the morning of the 6th.  started again reaching New Iberia about 3 oclock.  Remained at Iberia until the 9th, when we again took up the line of march, passing through St. Martinsville, a road a little to the right of the main road leading from New Iberia to Vermillionville.  The 19th UC shelled a few rebs in Vermillion.  we halted 4 miles north of St. Martinsville until the morning of the 10th, when we again moved forward reaching Vermillion about one P. M.  Remained there until the 21st??? when we took up our line of march for Opelousas, rain pouring down in torrents, reached a small bayou by sun set, and bivouaced for the night.  Next morning again started out, marching into camp near Opelousas on the 24.  Remained here until the 7th? of Oct when our forces were turned rearward and teams and men of the 13 U.C. were ??? ??? Brashears, reached halfway bayou on the evening of the 27th,  remained there until the morning of the 29th, when we started for Vermillionville passing through the town and encamping by the bayou.  On the 30th we started for this place reaching it yesterday about one o'clock.
Nov and Dec, 1863   shows station of company, at Plaquemine, La.
Jan and Feb, 1864   shows station of company, at Plaquemine, La.
Mch and Apr, 1864   Apr 30, 1864 shows station of company, at Baton Rouge, La.
May and June, 1864  June 30, 1864  shows station of company, at Morganza, La.  
Record of events:  On the 1st day of May 1864 the 120th Regt. O.V.I. received orders to embark for Alexandria La on board the steamer "city Blelle" [City Belle] which orders were promptly obeyed by Col. Marcus M. Speigel commandant 120th OVI when within 30 miles of Alexandria May 3rd the boat was attacked by the enemy who opened upon the boat with a five gun battery, immediately disabling the boat, killing the Col. and many of the men.  Only 164 of the Regt succeeded in making their escape.  All Books, Returns, Rolls etc on board were destroyed by the enemy.  Arrived at Alexandria May 4.  Left Alexandria May 13th, arrived at this place May 22nd.  
July and Aug, 1864    Aug. 31, 1864 shows station of company, at Morganza La.
Sept and Oct., 1864   Oct 31, 1864 shows station of company, at Mouth of White River, Ark.

------ [The 120th OVI merged into the 114th OH Inf on 27 Nov 1864.]


 Thanks to Kerry Kimberly for extra help on this Company.

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If you want a bio of one of the soldiers, the list below is for you.
If you want a snapshot view of the Company, click here for the spreadsheet summary of the men of the Company.  

* marks those who died in service

ANDREWS, David *
AREHART, Columbus

BARR, David *
BAUGHMAN, George F. *
BECHTEL, Reuben*
BEHLER, Harrison 
BRETZ, Martin
BYERS, John O.
CHEW, William W.
COULTER, Martin V. B.
CULLER, Henry H.
CULLER, Melanchthon
DAVIS, Henry
DAY, Leonidas
DEAN, Minor H. *
DENT, Joseph
DUNHAM, James W.
FIRST, James M.
FORCE, James *
FREED, Joseph B. *
GABLE, Jonathan   Not on original list
GOON, Jacob
HAISER, Conrad   Need info.
HARTER, Daniel
HARTER, Matthias
HAY, David
*   Need Pension records
HENNY [HENRY], Martin L.
*      HENRY
HENRY, Nicholas S.
HILL, Richard A.*
HOOPES, Lewis L.
HOOPES, Thomas J.
HULL, Lewis O.
HUNT, Samuel *
HUSTON, George G. *
HUSTON, Jeremiah
JACKSON, Charles E. *   
KENTON, William *         KINTON
KITHCART, Thomas W. *
LICKLITER, George W. *     
LIKES, George C.
LUTZ, Jacob M.*
McCLELLAN, William A.   need burial place
McCRARY, Hiram         McCREARY
McKEE, Calvin*
MACKEY, John D.*
MILLER, Anthony W.
MILLER, Elliott H.  Could use pension record.
MILLER, Samuel W.  Could use pension record.
MOFFITT, Frederick S.
MORRISON, Solomon S.
MOWERS, Henry H.
MOWRY, Matthias
NORICK, David *        NORRICK
PARKER, William*
PARR, Andrew
PEALER, George A.
PETERSON, Racilius G.
PRESSLER, Benjamin
RAY, Ovid M.
RIDER, Levi       RYDER
RITTENHOUSE, William R.*       
RUMMEL, Joseph P.
SHAFFER, Henry        SHAFER
SHARP, Martin L.          
SHERMAN, Henry S.    nephew of William Tecumseh SHERMAN
SNODDY, David L.
STAUFFER, Matthias*
STEWART. William W.*
STICHLER, Andrew J.         STICKLER
STONER, George W.*
STULL, Lewis O.
STULL, William
SWAN, William    SWANN
THOMPSON, Peter *  Could use pension records.
WARD, Charles C.
WILLIAMS, William P.
WILSON, Erastus B.
WILSON, George H.
WILSON, James V.
WILSON, Walter M.
WOLFE, John *
WYANT, George W.
WYANT, Henry
ZEDIKER, Thomas B.*

119 listed


Not on original list and was actually in the 122nd OH Inf.  Wagoner/Teamster, Joseph HUTCHISON, was actually in Co B, 122nd OH Inf., Listed in Official Roster of Ohio Troops, Wagoner, , age 23, joined 11 Oct 1862, captured 15 June 1863 at battle of Winchester, VA; mustered out with company June 26, 1865. 
Pension Card:  Joseph HUTCHISON, teamster Co B 120th OH Inf.  Minor pension applied for 22 Oct 1886, but no cerificate number is listed.  

Pension Index:  Joseph HUTCHISON, Teamster Co B 122 OH Inf.  Widow Sarah E. HUTCHISON [declared insame by guardian], filed 22 Oct 1886, Application 341769, no Certificate, filed in OH.   Guardian George H. STOTTLEMIRE, applied 3 July 1886 for minor pension, Application 352061, Certificate 240469, filed in OH.



George A. Simmons
[soldier John R. Simmons]

Kerry Kimberly

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