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Company C of the 120th OVI
Arranged alphabetically regardless of rank
Majority signed for 3 years.
Information about service is taken from Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio, 1888, Vol 8
and the Roll of Honor in the back of that volume.

Those who died in service are marked with a
red *.
For more on Camp Ford where the Snaggy Point captives were held, see history section and links

The following Muster Roll records can be found at:
[Researcher's annotations in brackets]
PDF Map of place names]

Co. C Captain John F. McKinley  Muster Roll [McKinley was promoted to Major 8 Sep 1863; William Harvey was promoted to Captain of Co C]
Oct 14 to Oct 31, 1862  Stationed Camp near Covington, Ky.
Record of events:  The 120th Regiment left Camp Mansfield on the 25th of October and came by Rail Road to Cincinnati where it remained until Sunday The 26th when it crossed over to Covington and went into camp at Covington Barracks.  This Company was ordered to Fort Mitchel and the Batteries on the Covington side of the Licking River on the 28th of October where it remains at this time.
Nov and Dec 1862  Stationed on Board Transport Jesse K Bell
[The Jesse K. Belle was a stern wheeler.  It was destroyed 14 Sep 1863 at St. Louis Levee along with Imperial, Hiawatha, and Post Boy.  Burned by Frazier and his accomplices, who were acting under instructions from the rebel government.  It was valued at $20,000 and its owners were in St. Louis, Mo.  Taken from the Reports of the War Department by Brev. Maj. Gen. Lewis B. Parsons, Chief of Rail and River Transportation, printed in 1867, St. Lois, Mo. by George Knapp and Co.  Found at  ]
Record of events:  Company left Covington Ky Nov the 24th and arrived at Memphis Dec 20th with a fleet bound down the Miss and landed up the Yazoo from its mouth Dec 26th and was brought into action Dec 26th near Chick asaw Bluffs, Miss.  In this engagement six of the Co were wounded  five by the explosion of a shell and one by a musket ball in the right arm.  The company has never been on duty in the field.
Jan and Feb, 1863  Stationed at Camp Young's Point, La.
Record of events:  On the first of January 120th Regt returned from the Chicasaw Bluffs.  Went aboard the boats and on the 2nd Jan. reached the mouth of the Yazoo River.  On the 9th Jan. it landed about sixty miles from the mouth of Arkansas River, and on the 10th Jan. advanced on Ark. Post.  On the 11th Jan. Company was engaged in the fight at Arkansas Post in which engagement Private Stephen Davis was instantly killed - on the 17th inst. this regiment embarked and on the 23d Jan Disembarked at this place.
Special Muster Roll April 10, 1863 stationed at Smiths Plantation, Madison Parish, La.
March and Apr, 1863 shows station of the company In the field.
Record of events:  On the 1st of March the regiment lay in camp at Youngs Point, La.  - from which place it moved to Milliken Bend, La. on the 10th inst. Encamped here until the 2nd of April   it marched to Perken's Plantation, La.  stopping and laying in camp near Richmond, La.from the 3rd to the 6th    at Holmes plantation   from the 6th to the 9th at Smiths plantation from the 9th to the 19th?   at James Plantation from the 19th to the 21st -   on the 28th the regiment Perkins Plantation, la and embarked in the transports bound for Grand Gulf    on the 29th we lay on the transports and witnessed the bombardment of the place. -  on the evening of the same day we disembarked and marched below the Gulf and camped for the night.  [map for Grand Gulf  ]  On the morning of teh 30th the regiment again embarked and crossed the river  -  took up the line of march.  
May and June, 1863 shows station of company, Camp Kergwin, Miss.
Record of events:  May 1st engaged in the battle of Thompsons hill [Port Gibson] in which action Co. C lost one Corp and two men wounded.  On May 2nd the Regt took up the line of march for the rear of Vicksburg via Raymond where it arrived May 7 and took part in its siege until the 24th inst. when it was ordered back near Black river bridge where it has since been encamped.
July and Aug 1863 shows station of Company, Carrollton La. [Carrollton was annexed int 1874 by New Orleans.]
Record of events: July 6th marched to Jackson engaged the enemy until the 17th when the enemy retreated    returned to Vicksburgh   encamped until the 8th of August - embarked on transports bound for Port Hendson?   arrived at Port Hendson on the 9th   emcamped until the 18   embarked on transpofts bound for Carrollton La.   arrived at Carrollton 19th at which place we are now stationed.  
Sept and Oct, 1863 shows station of Company, New Iberia
Record of events:  Left Carrollton on the 5th of Sept.   arrived at Bayou Boeuff   remained there until the 11th   marched from there to Brashear City and encamped.   remained there until 26th   crossed the Bay and emcamped there until the 4th of Oct.   the Regt. thence proceeded to Vermillion at which place the Regt remained several days    from there the Regt marched to Opelousas    remained then 2 days   from there the regt returned to New Iberia at which the Regt is now stationed.  
Nov and Dec, 1863 shows station of company, Plaquemine La.
Jan and Feb, 1864 shows station of company, Plaquemine, La.
Mch and April, 1864 shows station of company, Baton Rouge, La.
May and June, 1864 shows station of company, Morganzia La.  
July and Aug, 1864 shows station of company, Morganza, La.
Sept and Oct, 1864 shows station of company, Mouth of White River
Record of events:  Left Morganzia La.[Morganza, Pointe Coupee Parish] Sept 3 1864 for up the river on board steamer Illinois    arrived at mouth of White river [Arkansas] on the 8 where we remained two days and embarked for up White River    arrived at St. Charles Ark. on the 11    disembarked and went into camp    on the 21st of October we embarked on steamer Eclipse for Duballs Bluffs [De Valls Bluff, Arkansas] when we arrived on the 22 Oct.    25 embarked for down river    arrived at the mouth of White River on the 27   disembarked and went in to Camp at which place we ?????    stationed to muster out role of Co.  

------ [The 120th OVI merged into the 114th OH Inf on 27 Nov 1864.]  

Letter published in the Ashland Union, 15 Apr 1863, front page, Vol XVII:
To the Ladies and Friends of Vermillion and Green Townships.  [two townships in Ashland county OH]
In Camp at Milliken's Bend, La., March d6th, 1863
The arrival of Messrs. Harvey & Bushnell on last Sabbath evening, with the numerous boxes of Sanitary Stores, sent by you to the members of Co. 'C,' 120th Reg't, O. V. I. -- brought with them, joy and gladness to many hearts, that before, had seemed weighed down with sorrow at the surrounding circumstances; faces that (we thought) had almost forgotten how to smile, suddenly beamed with delight, as the removal of the lids, revealed some of the 'home luxuries,' with which the boxes were filled; and indeed 'Miss Dix' herself, could not have judged better in satisfying the wants of the soldier.  [Dorothea Dix - Superintendent of Army Nurses during the Civil War]  None were forgotten, even the palates of the sick, that had for days spurned food, could not withstand the tempting fruits, and other dainties offered them; but partook heartily of such a feast, as seldom falls to the soldiers lot; and from many hearts, ascended the silent, yet fervent prayer in your behalf, for your unprecedented liberality.  Indeed, so ample was the supply, and so judicious the selections, that all wants were supplied, from the 'fine tooth comb' to the choice 'torpedoes,' sent by the Rev. Mr. Armentrout, (so necessary in a sultry climate) which happily arrived safe and in a 'good condition;' but were soon exploded with a familiar smack.'  [Torpedo: A kind of fire-work in the form of a small ball or pellet, which explodes when thrown upon a hard object. 1880 American Dictionary of the English Language]
To the Secretary of the Soldiers' Aid Society of Hayesville, Miss M. J. Ashenhurst, we would say, that unforgetful of the old adage, 'charity begins at home;' we attended first to relieving the wants of our own sick, then to the sick of the Regiment, whose beaming countenances, spoke more eloquently than words, their heartfelt gratitude.  Many of the cans and jars bore the name of Miss Matty McCarty, whom we recollect as having long shown a noble zeal for the soldier's cause, and well worthy of imitation, by many of her seniors.  She has the best wishes of the company for her welfare, and the hope that, (if she is not,) she may be the idle of some 'bould soger boy.'  Sergeants James Gillis, Wm. Hughes and Robt. P. Wallace seemed to be the 'favorite ones' to whom the private boxes were sent, but their generosity extended over such a wide space, that they were soon reduced to a level with the rest...........
John S. Petty, Sec'y Com. C, 120th Reg't, O. V. I.


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If you want a bio of one of the soldiers, the list below is for you.
If you want a snapshot view of the Company, click here for the spreadsheet summary of the men of the Company.  

The soldiers with the * died in service.

ANDERSON, William S.
ARMSTRONG, Thomas J. *
BEARD, John L.                     BAIRD
BITNER, Michael J. W.*
BLACK, Jonathan*
BLACK, Riley          William Riley
BUCKLEY, Aaron  
BUDD, Samuel*
BUDD, William*   
BUZZARD, William
BYERLY, Joseph
BYERS, Crawford
CAKE, Thomas C.
CASEY, John*   
CIPHERS, William  
COLE, George B.
COLE, John
COLE, John W.*  
CRABB, John M.
CRAIG, Gibson    Need death and cemetery.  No pension.
DALTON, Marion
DAVIS, Henry B.  
DAVIS, Stephen*  
EBY, Amos M.
FISHER, Harrison
GETTLE, Anthony L.*
GIFFIN, David*
GILLIS, James*
GINTHER, George*  
GRAY, John
GRAY, William L.* 
GRINDLE, Henry B.*
HANNAN, William
HARKER, Jacob*   
HARLAN, James *
HARLAN, Samuel * 
HARVEY, William  
HAYES, Franklin
HAYES, Lester L.*  
HENNEY, Daniel
HUBER, Christopher
HUGHES, William  
HUNTER, William J.* previously omitted from list
HURST, David
JONES, Amasa
JONES, William R.*  
KINCAID, William
LATIMER, James*  
McCLAY, Henry  
McCLURE, James F.
McCREARY, William J.
McCREARY, Wilson
McMASTER, Franklin*
MARSHALL, Archibald
MILLER, Lewis W.* 
MORGAN, Benjamin*  
MORRIS, William
OTTO, Edward
PETTY, John S.
READING, John               REDDING
RHODES, David McK.*      David McKinley RHODES
RHODES, Henry*
RISSER, Joseph*
ROBERSON, Sherman        Sherman ROBISON
ROBINSON, William*         ROBISON   Could really use pension files.
RUSH, Freeman K.
SCOTT, John C.*
SEIBERT, Joseph D.*  
SHAMBAUGH, William S.*
SIGLER, Marion
SPADE, Thomas J.
STEARNS, Alonzo M.   
STEVENS, Thomas C.*  
STRINE, Samuel E.
TAWNEY, Thomas
THORNTON, Adam M.           Not on original list
TORRENCE, Jonathan C.  
VANGILDER, Albin                Never joined the regiment
VANGILDER, William  
VINTER, Charles*   
WALLACE, Robert P.
WEATHERBEE, Jackson [Andrew]
WEIRICK, Samuel*
WILSON, James*  
WILSON, William
WINTERS, Elliott   
YARNELL, Elijah P.



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