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Statue on top of Civil War memorial at Crown Hill Cemetery, Orrville, OH [Photo by Robert Robinson]

 Company G of the 120th OVI
Mustered in Oct. 14, 1862 at Camp Mansfield, O., by Alexander E. Drake, Captain 2d Infantry, U.S.A.
Consolidated with the 114th O.V.I. Nov. 27, 1864

Arranged alphabetically regardless of rank:  Total 111 men.
Date beside name is date of Entering the Service
and the information about service is taken from

Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War of the Rebellion 1861-1866,Vol 8, Published by Authority of the General Assembly in 1888,

Those who died in service are marked with a

The following Muster Roll records can be found at:
National Archives Microfilm Publications; Microcopy No. 594; Compiled Records Showing Service of Military Units in volunteer Union Organizations; Roll 160; Ohio; One Hundred Twentieth Infantry through One Hundred Twenty-ninth Infantry
[Researcher's annotations in brackets]
PDF Map of place names]
Company G Muster Roll, Captain Wm G Myers [Myers resigned 5 Feb 1863; Loyd N. Meech became Captain that same day; Meech resigned 12 Jan 1864; Benjamin T. Jones was promoted to Captain21 Mar 1864]
Oct 14 to 31, 1862 shows station of company, Covington Barracks
Record of events:  The 120 Regt left camp Mansfield, O, Oct 25/63 and came by railroad to Cincinnati.  from there we marched to Covington Barracks on the morning of Oct 26/62

[Newspaper report fills in some more details:GenealogyBank,  Wooster Republican, Published 25 Dec 1862  From Capt. Myers' company - Camp Oliver, Near Memphis, Tenn. Dec 9, 1862  -  Editor [of] Republican, Dear Sir: - As many of your readers have a deep interest in the welfare of the 120th regiment, O.V.I.; I thought it would not be amiss to give you a short history of its stay at Covington, and passage down the river to Memphis.  We arrived at Covington, KY., on the 26th of October.  After guarding the city and forts for nearly one month, we received orders to report at Memphis, Tenn.  On Friday, Nov. 21st, the regiment left camp and marched through the city in excellent order, keeping exact step to the music.  The health of the regiment was good while we remained at Covington.  When we arrived at the river, seven of the companies went on board the Silver Wave, and three on board the Dunlieth.  After remaining on board one day and night, it was determined to employ another large boat in place of the Dunlieth. - Consequently the right wing was shipped on the Silver Wave, and the left on the Fort Wayne.  On the following Monday, we commenced our voyage.  The Captains promised to make the trip in six days, but by the time they hauled each other off sand bars and 'chins of rocks,' thereby damaging the Silver Wave to such and extent that she was unsafe, we were compelled to leave the right wing for the night.  It was then determined to have the left wing proceed to Cairo, some twenty miles distant, and procure another steamer.  Fortunately on our arrival we found the steamer J. S. Pringle, ready for the task.  She proceeded the same evening, and on the next morning the 'wings' were again united.  From there glided smoothly down the 'Father of waters,' arriving at Memphis on Sabbath, Dec. 7th, without any further accident.  After unloading wagons, stores, horses, mules, &c., and loading each company's team, it was about sunset before we started for our present camping ground.  
   When everything was ready we broke into sections and marched through the city, keeping step wit the music while the band was playing 'Yankee Doodle.' - The mien of the boys was soldierly and dignified, and no doubt commended itself to the 'natives,' who stood thick on either side, of every grade and color, permitting us to pass quietly, with the exceptions of a few isolated cases, of ladies remarking, as our band was playing, that if they had the power they would not permit that air to be played.  When we arrived at camp and each company had their location assigned, we struck tents for the night, taking the best possible care of our sick, whose number was increasing rapidly as we passed down the river, by reason of their long confinement on the boat, but the changes produced on the visages of the ailing ones after being two days in camp, is charming.  Our location is rather level, the weather reminding me of a mild October in Ohio.  It freezes slightly at night, but becomes quite pleasant during the day time.  
  Our field officers recommended the study of Casey's Infantry Tactics during our voyage through the land of 'Dixie,' and we were called upon to practically demonstrate about twenty pages per day, so that if our long voyage had no other redeeming quality, it gave us slight acquaintance with Gen. Casey's theory.
  I herewith send you the names of company 'G,' for publication, in obedience to the repeated requests of its numerous friends. {a list of officers and privates was included} ]
Nov and Dec, 1862  shows station of company, Steamer Key West, Yazoo River north of Vicksburg 80 miles
Record of events:  Co G left Covington with the Regt. Nov 21 and went on board the steamer Fort Wayne bound for Memphis, Tenn.   arrived at that place Dec 7/62 and camped there till Dec 20 - when we sailed on board the Key West for Vicksburgh.  We arrived at the mouth of the Yazoo River, Dec 25 and landed some 15 miles up the river, Dec 26th   on Sunday the ?, the Regt was ordered to storm a fort and became engaged with the enemy.  Co "G" had a man wounded.   on Monday the 29, the Co skirmished and had ? man wounded.  The discipline of the Co is good.  It behaved well in the engagement on the battle field.  The Co left the battle field on the night Jan 1/63 and went on board the steamer Key West.  We are at this time on the Mississippi River about 80 miles north of Vicksburgh.
Jan and Feb, 1863 shows station of company, Youngs Point La
Record of events:  Co G went with the Regt from the Yazoo river Jany 2nd.   sailed up the Miss. River to the mouth of the white river.   We landed 5 miles south of Arkansas Post  Jan 10th.   The 11th we marched within 1 mile of the fort.   at 2 oclock we were engaged with the enemy which engagement lasted till 4 oclock which resulted in the surrender of the fort.   The Co with the Regt remained at the ?their post? till the fort was demolished    the 15th Co went on board of the steamer crescent city.   Jan 16th moved don the river.   the 22nd ? we went into camp at Young's Point where the Regt is yet encamped.  ?? was wounded in Co G during the fight at Arkansas Post.  
Special Muster Roll Apl 10th, 1863 shows station of company Smiths Plantation La
Record of events:  The Co with the Regt left Youngs Point Mch 9th      went into camp at Millikens Bend      the 10th left the Bend     Apl 2nd marched 14 miles and went into camp near Richmond La.[near Tallulah, Madison Parish, Louisiana, United States, located on Roundaway Bayou]    The Regt left there the 4th marched 10 miles and camped at Capt. Homes Plantation.   The 8th left there marched 6 miles to Smith's Plantation where the Regt is yet encamped.
Mch and Apl 1863 shows station of company, In the Field Mississippi
The company left Young's Point La. on the 10th day of March and came up the river to Milikens Bend when it went into camp.  The Regt remained there until the 2nd of Apl. when it was ordered to Richmond.  Thence to Homes Plantation    Thence to Smiths Plantation     remained there about a week.  Thence to James Plantation     Thence to Perkins Plantation [at the mouth of Vidal Bayou]     on the 29th day of April it went aboard the Steamer Silver Wave with orders to participate in the Battle of Grand Gulf [Mississippi]     owing to the failure of the naval engagement the troops disembarked and marched to a point below.    crossed on the boats which ran the Blockade and commenced to March the 30th.  
 May and June, 1863 shows station of company, Big Black River Bridge Miss.
Record of events:  Company G was engaged with the Regiment in the Battle of Thompsons Hill, May 1, 1863 with a loss of one wounded, Private Samuel Hoover.  Marched and bivouacked until the 19 day of May when the Regiment joined the column in the charge upon the Confederate forts in the rear of Vicksburg in which this company lost one wounded Sgt W. Q. Lawrence.     Skirmished by companies until the 22nd when another charge was made on the 24th.  We marched to this place where we have remained to the present date.
July and August, 1863 shows station of company, Carrolton La
Company G left Black River Miss with the Regiment on July 7,/63     followed the enemy to Jackson Miss and fought him several days when he evacuated the place.  We then marched back to Black River, thence to Vicksburg.    We embarked August 6 and sailed to Port Hudson      on the 18th we again embarked and sailed to Carrolton La where we yet remain.  
Sept and Oct, 1863 shows station of company, Iberia, La.
Record of events:  This company was last mustered at Carrollton La.    On the 5 day of Sept it moved to Bayou Boeuf, La. and then encamped until the 11 of the same month when it was ordered to Brasher [Brashear]City La. where it again encamped.    On the 25 of  Sept it crossed Berwicks Bay witH the Division and went into camp.    On the 3rd Inst it took up a line of March with the forces under Genl Franklin, and on the 24 day arrived at Opelousas La.    Remained there until the 27 when ordered to march back to this place arriving on the 30th
The Company has not been detached or otherwise disengaged from the Regt since last mustered.
Nov and Dec 1863 shows station of company, Plaquemine La.
Jany and Feby 1864 shows station of company, Plaquemine, La
March and April 1864 shows station of company, Baton Rouge, La
May and June 1862 shows station of company, Morganza Bend La
July and Aug 1864 shows station of company, Morganza La.
Sept and Oct 1864 shows station of company, Mouth of white River, Ark.
No muster out roll of Co.
[The 120th OVI merged into the 114th OH Inf on27 Nov 1864.]    

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* marks those who died in service

BAUGHMAN, Abraham*
BEARD, William* 
BICKEL, Jacob 
BOAK, James T.*  
BROUSE, Jacob*
BROUSE, F. Reason 
BROUSE. William  
BURKHIMER, Benton   
CLOUSE, George W.* 
COOPER, Henry A.  
COOPER, Henry F. 
CUDDY, William 
DAGUE, Cyrus C.*  
DAGUE, Gabriel C.  
DAGUE, Thomas J.  
DETRICK, Jacob  
EATON, Abijah  
EATON, James  
EATON, Nathaniel 
EATON, William 
ETLING, Jefferson 
FISHER, Erasmus D. 
GALEHOUSE, Harvey H.  
GALEHOUSE, John Wesley 
GARBER, Samuel  
GARDHEFNER, Andrew     Henry
GATES, Howard 
GROW, Alfred C. 
HAMMAN, Daniel* 
HARRIS, Thomas M.  
HARSHEY, Abraham 
HART, Patrick 
HARVEY, Peter M. 
HILL, August
HOOVER, Samuel  
HOWE, Hiram
HYATT, Miniah 
JACKSON, George 
JAMESON, William A. 
JOHNS, Jacob*   
JOHNSON, William 
JONES, Benjamin T. 
JONES, John 
KAHLER, Henry  
KISSINGER, Franklin 
LANE, Adolphus
LANE, Harmon
LAWRENCE, William Q.
LINK, Joseph*
LUCAS, Henry*
McCRANE, Cornelius*
McGEE, Patrick 
McGLENN, Henry 
MANNING, Jennings
MEECH, Loyd N.
MILLS, Benjamin F.*
MOORE, George W.
MOTTER, Benjamin F.  See his alias Charles WHITE
MURRY, John 
MUSSER, Samuel
MUTTERS, Michael*
MYERS, William G.
NAUMAN, Frederick
NEISWANDER, Benjamin   See Company E
OTTO, John 
PRITZ, Albert Not on original list
REED, William
RIFE, David
RYAL, Martin S.
SEIG, Elias     SIEG
SPACHT, George
SPRINGER, Franklin
STANLEY, Martin J.
STOCK, Richard
STORY, Francis
STOTTLER, Franklin
WALTZ, Edward
WELCH, Elias
WELCH, John*
WHITE, Charles actually Benjamin MOTTER
WILSON, Simon P.*
YOST, William



Special Source used for Company G

A monumental work : inscriptions and interments in Geauga County, Ohio through 1983 / Violet Warren, Jeannette Grosvenor.

Company G 120th OVI
The oldest soldier listed in this Roster was William Yost, age 52.
Gabriel C. Dague, died at age 94 in 1935.
William Jameson was still alive in 1938 age 94.

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