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Company H members

Contributed by Don Myers
Some members of Company H
We are looking for a better copy of this photo.
I have contacted Smithville historical to look for a copy.
This was in the Smithville booklet created for the '76 bicentennial.  
Here is a new identification list compared with the old one.
Notice the sleeve insignia.
The new list was done partly by comparing the old list with the
listing of the officers in Company H in the Roster of Ohio Soldiers.

New Identification List for the above photo Old Identification List in the booklet
1 Andrew Griner, Pvt, age 18 1 Andy Griner, 18
2 Andrew Bushong, 1st Sgt, age 27

2 ? Bushong

3 Jerry Williman, Pvt, age 23 3 Jerry Williman, 23
4 Ike (Isaac) Mylar, Sgt, age 28 4 Ike Miller  ?
5 Ezra Stutzman, Pvt, age 23 5 Ezra Stutzman, 23
6 William Penn Myers, Pvt, age 26 6 William Penn Myers, 26
7 Patrick Phelan, Captain,  age 42 7 Captain Patrick Phelan, 42
8 Simon Miller, Pvt, age 19 8 Simon Miller, 19
9 If this one is a Bricker, then he has to be Leslie G Bricker, Pvt, age 18 [There were 3 Bricker men in H] 9 Dick Bricker ?
10 Gustav Miller, Corporal, age 24 10 George Miller ?
11 Joseph W. Bricker, Corporal, age 19 11 Joe W. (U.) Bricker, 18
12 Joseph Myers, 1st Sgt, age 24 12 Sergeant Joseph Myers, 24
13 Joseph U. Bricker, Pvt, age 19 13 Corp. Joe W. Bricker, 19
14 Benjamin M. Norris, Sgt, age 22 14 Sgt Ben M. Morris, 22
15 John M. Baer, Sgt, age 22 (not visible in pic) promoted later 15 John Bare, Capt S. P. , 22
16 William W. Starn, Corporal, age 23 16 Wm Starn, 23

Company H "Marching by Plattoons"

Contributed by Nina Rippee

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