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Massillon Cemetery

Massillon Cemetery decorated for Memorial Day

 Abraham Lincoln 4 Oct 1862, Frederick MD
"May our children and our children's children to a thousand generations, continue to enjoy the benefits conferred upon us by a united country, and have cause yet to rejoice under those glorious institutions bequeathed us by Washington and his compeers."

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Reunion of Company I at home of Wm Milliken
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 See if you can identify any of the people who attended this reunion of Company I, 120th OVI at the home of William B. Milliken.
Photo contributed by Dave Wallace.
Right in the center second row see man with woman's hand on shoulder...I think that is Christopher Au.

Company I of the 120th OVI
Arranged alphabetically regardless of rank
Majority signed for 3 years.
Date beside name is date of Entering the Service and the
information about service is taken from Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio, 1888, Vol 8
and the Roll of Honor in the back of the volume.
The county where they seem to be living at the time of entering the service is in the right hand corner.
Those who died in service are marked with a
red *.
For more on Camp Ford where the Snaggy Point captives were held, see history section and links.

All census records are United States Federal Census unless otherwise stated.

The following Muster Roll records can be found at:
National Archives Microfilm Publications; Microcopy No. 594; Compiled Records Showing Service of Military Units in volunteer Union Organizations; Roll 160; Ohio; One Hundred Twentieth Infantry through One Hundred Twenty-ninth Infantry
[Researcher's annotations in brackets]
PDF Map of place names]
Company I, Muster Roll  Captain Christopher Au
Oct 17 to 31, 1862, shows station of company, Barracks near Covington, KY
Record of events:  The 120th Regt of O.V.I. left Cp.[Camp] Mansfield O. Oct 25/62 and arrived at barracks near Covington Ky Oct 26/62.
Nov and Dec, 1862 shows company, near Vicksburg, Miss.
Record of events:  Regt left Covington Brks Nov 21 and proceeded to Memphis, Tenn. by water.  Arrived there and went into Cp. Dec 7/62 remaining there until 20th inst, when one took conveyance by water and proceeded down the Mississippi river to the mouth of the Yazoo river.     It? proceeded up the river about 15 miles and landed Dec 26/62.   On the 27th commenced skirmishing with the enemy ???? their fortifications near Vicksburg, Miss.   28th under fire and one man wounded in the hand.     29th Co in action   no loss   30th Co on advance picket.   31st no firing.  Co still remained in front of fortifications.  
Jan and Feb, 1863 shows station of company, Cp near Youngs Point, La.
Record of events:  Co on advanced picket     ?retired and went aboard S. B.[steam boat] Jesse K. Bell at 12 ?m.     June 2 moved down to Miss. River and proceeded up the latter to the mouth of White river thence moved up White river ? four miles, took the cut-off and ran across into the Ark [Arkansas] river.   proceeded up the latter to Ark [Arkansas] Post, Ark., engaged the enemy Jan 11/63 at 3 p.m.      took possession of works at 4 p.m. and camped ?? their ground.  William Wilson fatally wounded in abdomen, died Jan 12/63.    Franklin Getz slightly wounded in thumb.  Went aboard S.B. Jesse K. Bell Jan 17 and proceeded down the river     landed near Vicksburg Jan 23/63 and went into cp near Youngs Pt. [Point] La.
Special Muster Roll Apl 10, 1863 shows station of company, Cp on Smith's Plantation.  
Mar and Apl, 1863 shows station of company, In the Field.
Record of events:  Mar 1 regt at Youngs Point La.  Mar 9 moved by transport and encamped by Cp McClernand, Milliken's Bend La. on the 10th       remained there doing duty and drilling until Apl 2/63, where the regt suffered very severely from sickness      Apl 2 marched ?14 miles and camped at Richmond La     Apl 4th marched 10 miles and camped on Capt Holmes plantation     8?th marched 5 miles and camped on Smith's plantation, La      18th marched 4 miles and camped on James Plantation La 25 miles below Vicksburg.     21st marched 5 miles and camped on Perkins plantation La.   28th embarked and  moved down the river within 5 miles of Grand Gulf -    29th witnessed naval engagement at Grand Gulf, Miss.    3 o'clock p.m. disembarked and marched 5, then bivouacked for the night.   30th embarked on transport and moved 10 miles down the river and ____ in Miss and took up a line of march at 3 p.m. and made a forced march of 18 miles.  
May and June, 1863, shows station of company, Big Black River Bridge, Miss.
Record of events:  May 1 fought the battle of Thomsons Hill or Port Gibson Battle      opened early in the morning firing was terrific all day    Ground strongly contested for, but at or near Sunset the Rebels fled ??? before our valiant and heroic soldiers across Bayou ?Pier at Port Gibson and burned the bridges behind them.   Private Alford Wilson and Christian Burschlin were wounded , the former slightly and the latter severely.    May 2nd advanced 5 miles to Port Gibson.  May 3rd pursued the retreating enemy 13 miles.  May 6th arrived at Rock Springs     May 13th arrived at Raymond Miss. taken the day before by Logan and Quimby     Remained in Raymond till the 18th--    Marched to Vicksburg a distance of 35 miles       arrived there at 11 a.m.      the 19th engaged in the siege till the 24th     marched back to Big Black River Bridge.    remained there til the 9th of June     moved 4 miles and camped on Clear Creek to guard a road leading from the river to Vicksburg.     June 23 moved back to Big Black.
July and Aug 1863 shows station of company, Carrollton La.
Record of events:  July 7th left Black River in pursuit of Johnsons forces skirmishing with the rear guard of the enemy.    July 10th arrived at Jackson Miss. after seiging the enemy for 8 days.   the enemy evacuated July 21st.   left Jackson marched back to Black River and Vicksburg     arrived the 25th    Remained in Camp in Vicksburg till Aug 8th     moved to Port Hudson     arrived ?? the 9th     Remained in camp till Aug 25th     Moved to Carrollton La.  
Sept and Oct 1863 shows station of company, New Iberia La
Record of events:  Sept 5 left Carrollton La and landed at Algiers La 6th.  Proceeded by Rail Road 73 miles west to Bayou Boeuff 14th.    left Bayou Boeuff and proceeded to Breashear City La    25th crossed to Berwick    Oct 3rd left Berwick and arrived near New Iberia Oct 6th a distance of 45 miles    Oct 9th marched a distance of 28 miles and arrived at Vermillion Bayou      Oct 1- - Oct 23rd marched a distance of 25 miles and arrived near Opelousas Oct 24.    Oct 27th marched back a distance of 12 miles      Oct 29th and 30th marched back to New Iberia La.  
Nov and Dec 1863 shows station of company, Plaquemine La
Record of events:  Camped 2 miles East of New Iberia      6th moved one half mile west of the city     remained 3 days expecting and attack     9th moved at 5 oclock ??? for Franklin La      marched 23 miles and bivouacked near Franklin La        10th moved at 6 oclock a.m.     marched 25 miles and camped for the night within 4 miles of Berwick City La.    11th marched at 6 oclock a.m. and moved to Berwick City La and went into camp      Nov 18 crossed Berwick Bay and camped at Brashier City La.     Nov 19 received orders at 1 oclock A.M. to march ???? in line? at 2:30 oclock and moved east by railroad 30 miles    disembarked     passed through the ???? and proceeded up bay on Lafourche to Donaldsonville at which place we arrived on the 21st and immediately embarked on Transport John Warner and landed at Plaquemine La at dark at which place we have remained up to this time doing garrison duty and fortifying the men.   Generally healthy and on duty fully half the time.  
Jany and Feby 1864 shows station of company Chatains Plantation La. [Pointe Coupee Parish, Plantation of John Chastan]
Record of events:  Remained at Plaquemine La. untill the evening of Jan 19/64 when I received orders to move immediately with my company.   Went on board of the Transport Meter?, moved down to Chastains Plantation La (20 miles) where I received order to press hands and build a Levee     on the 19th Feby 1864 I rec'd orders from Brig Gen Cook Comdg. District to remain at or near the above named Plantation.  
Mch and April 1864 shows station of company, Baton Rouge
May and June 1864 shows station of company, Morganza
Record of events:  Left Baton Rouge May 1 on board the City Belle and proceeded up Red River on the 3rd.    was fired into by the enemy     Boat captured and almost two-thirds of the Regt.  Every thing belonging to the Regt lost.   those escaping arrived at Alexandria on the 5th.   Joined the Brigade May 13th.    Left Alexandria and arrived at Morganza La on the Miss. River the 22nd of May where we are at present.
July and Aug 1864 shows station of company, Morganza La.
Record of events:  Remained in camp at Morganza La. till Aug 23  -    24th embarked on board transports and landed at Port Hudson [East Baton Rouge Parish, 20 miles northwest of Baton Rouge] at 4 P.M.    The same day started for Clinton a distance of 30 miles.   Marched all night and arrived at Clinton 3 o'clock P.M. 25th       26th started back at 4 P.M. and marched 7 miles and camped for the night       27th ?marched within 5 miles of Port Hudson       camped.   28th arrived at 8 o'clock and embarked on boats at 4 P.M. and arrived at Morganza La. 7 o'clock P.M.  
Sept and Oct, 1864 shows station of company, Mouth of White River
Record of events:  Sept and Oct, 1864 shows station of company, Mouth of White River [Arkansas]
Record of events:  Sept 1st in camp at Morganzia     Sept 3rd embarked on transports and landed and went into camp at the mouth of White River Sept 8, 1864     Embarked again on transport Sept 10 and landed and went into Camp at St. Charles Ark. on  the 11th Sept where we remained until Oct 21      again embarked on transport proceeded to Duballs [De Valls] Bluff [Arkansas] arriving on the 22nd      went into camp     commenced putting up muster? Quarters and on the 25th received order to embark on transports and on the 27t arrived at the mouth of White River where we now are encamped.
No muster out roll of Co.
[The 120th OVI merged into the 114th OH Inf on 27 Nov 1864.]

 Mustered in 17 Oct 1862 at Camp Mansfield, Ohio, by Alexander E. Drake, Captain 2d Infantry, USA.
Consolidated with the 114th OVI 27 Nov 1864.

Hardesty's Richland =Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia. [Richland County OH version] 1885...
Only eight men of Company I were with Captain Au in escaping capture at the time of the attack on the City Bell.  See the history section for more about the City Belle.

The file for each soldier is a pdf file.  Click on the name to view the file.
You can download the Adobe pdf reader free here.
But try to open the pdf files first.  Your computer may already be able to open them.

The red * indicates that the soldier died in service.

If you want a bio of one of the soldiers, the list below is for you.
If you want a snapshot view of the Company, click here for the spreadsheet summary of the men of the Company.  

ANDERSON, William *

AU, Christopher


BECK, Nathan J.



BOYD. Samuel

BRANDT, Benjamin P.

BUCK, William

BUISCHLEN, Christian


CASE, Augustus

CHURCH, Alfred S.

CHURCH, Alonzo B.*

COLEMAN, Arthur *


COOK, Samuel




CREIGH. Alfred J.

CROOKS, Henry H.

DEARTH, John Jacob


DUDLEY, Charles H.



ELLS, Herbert *


EYELER, Abraham D.    EYERLY



GETZ, Franklin

GOODMAN, William  Never mustered. No Info. No pdf



HENNY, William     HENRY

HIGGINS, William

HILL, Thomas S.     Thomas J.

HOCH, Benjamin F. *


HYER, Peter

KELSO, Washington *


KLING, Michael *

KUHN, Philip

LEIPER, John    Rejected by mustering officer. No pdf

LINDLY, Israel

MANLY, James M.

MANOR, James F.   Rejected by mustering officer. No pdf.

MARTIN, James F.

MARTIN, Josiah R.

MATSON, John S. B.

MAXWELL, James J. *



MILLIKEN, William B.


MORROW, Alexander

MORROW, Matthew A.

MORROW, William R.


MUNNELL, Obadiah *

MYERS, David *

MYERS, George W.   Rejected by Mustering Officer. No pdf.

MYERS, Henry *

MYERS, Hiram *

NAZOR, Augustus E. *



OKEEFE, Daniel Jr. *

OKEEFE, Daniel Sr.

OTT, Joseph

OYSTER, Daniel

PALMER, Eli F. *

PARKS, Milton

PAYNE, Benjamin .... Interesting!

PETERS, Henry F.


PIERCE, Samuel


POOL, Charles *

POOL, John *

POST, Benjamin W.

REED, Jacob S. *

RICHEY, William F.

RICHIE Joseph H.


RODDY, William *


SCOTT, John H.

SHERMAN, Henry S. [Famous family]

STIVER, Abraham *

STRONG, Isaac *

TAGGART, Martin V.

TOBY, Jacob [Rejected by mustering officer. No pdf.]

TRESSEL, Leonard

WALLACE,Charles [Joined 120th twice]


WELTY, Henry G.


WILSON, Alfred

WILSON, William *


WOODS, James H.




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