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Field and Staff of the 120th OVI
Arranged according to rank.
All signed for 3 years.
Date beside name is date of Entering the Service and the
information about service is taken from
Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio, 1888, Vol 8
The county where they seem to be living at the time of entering the service is in the right hand corner.
Those who died in service are marked with a
red *.
For more on Camp Ford where the Snaggy Point captives were held, see history section and links

 Mustered in Oct. 17, 1862, at Camp Mansfield, O., by Alexander E. Drake, Captain 2d Infanry, U.S.A.
Consolidated with the 114th O.V.I. Nov. 27, 1864

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Field and Staff, Muster-in Roll records[Remembering that this is could be a very abbreviated report since the regiment's records were lost at Snaggy Point, LA, when the City Belle on which they were being transported was destroyed.]
[record 8] Field and Staff, 120th Regiment of Ohio Volunteers, commanded by Colonel Daniel French.
Called into service October 1862 for 3 years unless sooner discharged.
Dated 17 Oct 1862, Mustering Officer Alex E. Drake, Capt USA
at Camp Mansfield, near Mansfield, Ohio
[record 9] Oct 17 to 31, 1862
Nov 1, 1862 Barracks near Covington, KY

[record 10 & 11] Nov & Dec 1862 Battlefield near Chickasaw Bluff: The Regiment left Covington KY Nov 24 1862, with orders to report at Memphis, Tenn.  Arrived at Memphis Dec 7 & was temporarily assigned to DeCourcey's Brigade.  On Dec 14th the Regiment was assigned to the 1st Brigade Col L. A. Sheldon, Commanding, 3rd Div Right Wing 13th Army Corps.  Left Memphis with a fleet bound down the Miss Dec 20th and landed up the Yazoo near the Chickasaw Bluffs Miss. Dec 27th.  On Dec 28th was brought into action near the Bluffs, and have since been on duty in the field.
[record 12] January and February 1863 stationed at Youngs Point, LA.

[record 26] Regimental Return.  January 1863 stationed at Camp near Vicksburg.  Record of events of Co A.  the company left the Battle ground before Vicksburgh on the evening of Jany 1st and embarked on the Jesse K. Bell and on the 2nd Inst. sailed for Post Arkansas. At the battle of Post Arkansas the company was deployed as skirmishers and was among the first to enter the fortifications of the enemy.  In this battle Cyreneas Wells private was killed, Sergt Montgomery , Abraham Fitzer & Hugh M. Brown slightly wounded.  On the 15th of Jan the company went aboard the J. K. Bell and arrived at Youngs Point, La January 21st where it is now stationed.  
[record 13] April 10, 1863 stationed at Smiths Plantation, LA.
[record 14] March and April 1863 stationed in the field in Mississippi.

[record 28] Regimental Return: March 1863 Field and Staff and companies stationed at Smith's Plantation.....dated April 1st, 1863.  
 [record 15] May and June 1863, stationed at Black River Bridge, Mississippi.
[record 29] May 1863, Field and Staff and companies stationed at Black River Bridge, Miss.  
 [record 16] July and August 1863, stationed Sept 1 1863 at Carrollton, LA.  The Regiment was engaged in the expedition to Jackson, Miss. and took part in the battle of Jackson from July 10th to 16th 1863.
 [record 17] Sept and Oct 1863 stationed at New Iberia, LA.
 [record 18] Nov and Dec 1863, Plaquemine, LA.
[record 19] January and February, 1864 stationed at Plaquemine, LA.
[record 20] March and April 1864 stationed at Baton Rouge, LA.
[record 39] Regimental Return: March 1864, Co A was stationed at Highland Stockade, LA.
Co I was stationed at Chastant's Plantation, LA.  [Chastant's may have been to the west of Baton Rouge in the area of what is now Lafayette, LA.]
[record 21 & 22] May and June 1864, stationed at Morganza, LA.  Left Baton Rouge, LA, May 1, 1864, on the transport "City Belle," for Alexandria.  While proceeding up Red River on the 3rd the boat was fired into from the right bank by a rebel battery supported by several thousand infantry.  The boat was soon disabled and drifted nearly half a mile before striking the bank.  Colonel M. M. Spiegel was mortally wounded.  Our entire loss was over 200 men.  We reached Alexandria May ?? and remained there until the 13th when our forces evacuated Alexandria.  We arrived at Morganza on the 22d and have remained here in Camp since that time, nothing of interest transpiring.

[record 40] Regimental return dated 7 June 1864:  May 1864 stationed at Morganza Bend, La.  The Regiment embarked at Baton Rouge La May 2d for Alexandria and on the evening of the 3d when thirty miles below Alexandria, a two gun Battery supported by several hundred riflemen opened fire on the transport and after an action of about thirty minutes, the boat was disabled, a cannon ball having penetrated her boiler; and another ball killing the pilot.  Col Spiegel was mortally wounded early in the engagement.  The loss in killed connot be justly estimated.  
[record 23] July & Aug 1864, stationed at Morganza, LA.  
[record 24]  Sept and Oct 1864 stationed at mouth of White River, Ark.  No muster out roll of Field and Staff.

[record 42] Regimental Return dated Saint Charles Ark. Sept 13, '64: The Regiment has been moving since Sept 3d when it embarked at Morganza, which is the cause of the delay in sending this report.

[record 43] Regimental Return dated Oct 1, '64; Field and Staff and companies stationed at St. Charles Ark.  

[record 44] Regimental Return dated Nov 1, '64; stationed at mouth of White River Ark.

[record 45] stationed same dated 2 Dec '64 for the month of November.

Consolidated with the 114th O.V.I. Nov. 27, 1864

Names, on this page only, are by rank

FRENCH, Daniel - Colonel
SPIEGEL, Marcus M. - Colonel
BEEKMAN, John W. - Lt. Colonel
SLOCUM, Williard Lt. Colonel
McKINLEY, John F. - Major
TAGGART, William W. - Surgeon
STANTON, Byron Surgeon
HAMMOND, John W. - Ast. Surgeon
STOUFFER, Christopher C. - Ast. Surgeon
GILL, John C. - Ast. Surgeon
SHERMAN, Henry S. - Adjutant   [Previously in Company B]
FRAUNFELTER, Elias Adjutant   [Previously in Company F]
PETTY, John S. - Adjutant   [Previously in Company C]
DEAN, Ezra Regimental Quartermaster
VAN OSTERN, William V. - Regimental Quartermaster  [Previously in Company A]
BIXLER, Emanuel H Regimental Quartermaster [Previously in Company E]
EMERSON, W. A. G. - Chaplain
JONES, Benjamin T. - Ser. Major   [Previously in Company G]
MACKEY, John D. - Sergeant Major   [Previously in Company A]
ROUCH, Mahlon Sergeant Major   [Previously in Company A]
ALTHOUSE, George W. - Quartermaster Sergeant   [Previously in Company H]
REINOEHL William W.- Commissary Sergeant
GARBER, John H. - Hospital Steward
McKEE, George B. - Hospital Steward    [Previously in Company E]
KUHN, Philip Principal Musician   [Previously in Company I]
RICHIE, Joseph H. - Principal Musician    [Previously in Company I]




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