Index to Soldiers' Companies: 120th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Index for the soldiers
of the 120th OVI
1862 - 1864
Consolidated with the 114th Ohio Infantry on 27 Nov 1864



History of the 120th OVI

Alphabetical list of soldiers of the 120th OVI with links to their Company.

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Field and Staff

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This index takes you to the Company page:

Thomas Achison:  Co K                                 

James Albertson:  Co K                                         

Emanuel Albright:  Co F                                        

Thomas M. Alexander:  Co E

George W. Althouse:  Co H   also Field and Staff

John Ambrose:  Co F  

Alexander Anderson, alias John S. Fortney:  Co D                              

Samuel G. Anderson:  Co E

William Anderson:  Co I                                       

William S. Anderson:  Co C                                        

David Andrews:  Co B    

Moses Andrews:  Co H                                   

Samuel Angus:  Co E

Harvey Applegate:  Co B   also  Co K

Columbus Arehart:  Co B      

Thomas J. Armstrong:  Co C                           

William Arnold:  Co D

Henry W. Atterholt:  Co C  

Christopher Au:  Co I

Michael Badger:  Co D                                         

John M. Baer:  Co H  

Joel Bair:  Co H                                                

John Bair:  Co H

John Baker:  Co D   

John A. Baker:  Co H                                      

David Barnhart:  Co D

David Barr:  Co B  

Richard Barr:  Co F                                            

John H. Batdorff:  Co A

Abraham Baughman:  Co G  

George Baughman:  Co B                                    

John Baughman:  Co I   

John W. Baughman:  Co B                                

Martin L. Baughman:  Co B

Daniel E. Beam:  Co K

John L. Beard:  Co C

William Beard:  Co G

Edward Bebell:  Co K

Reuben Bechtel:  Co B , also Co A

Jacob Beck:  Co D

Nathan J. Beck:  Co I

Joseph H. Becker:  Co K

Abram D. Beekman:  Co I

John Beekman:  Field and Staff

Harrison Behler:  Co B

Eli Bell:  Co C

Robert W. Bell:  Co H

Charles Bender:  Co K

Cornelius Bender:  Co D

John S. Bender:  Co K

Edward Bensinger [Benhizer]:  Co E

James Berridge:  Co G

Henry Berry:  Co F

William C. Berry:  Co E

John Beveridge:  Co H

Jonathan Bevington:  Co D

Solon A. Bevins:  Co F

Jacob Bickel:  Co G

Richard Biggs:  Co F

Eli C. Bisel:  Co H

Hezekiah Bishop:  Co D

Michael J. W. Bitner:  Co C

Emanuel H. Bixler:  Co E  also Field and Staff

Jacob S. [Samuel] Black:  Co F

Jonathan Black:  Co C

Riley Black:  Co C

Joseph C. Blackwood:  Co A

Augustus Blanc:  Co K

James T. Boak:  Co G

Elsi S. Bonewitz:  Co E

John J. Bonewitz:  Co E

Elijah Boor:  Co E

William Booyer [Boozer]:  Co I

Simon M. Bott:  Co E

Jacob Bowman:  Co G

William Bowman:  Co K

Samuel Boyd:  Co I

Solon Boydston:  Co A

Benjamin P. Brandt:  Co I

 John Brandt:  Co E

Rufus Brayton:  Co B

Martin Bretz:   Co B

Joseph W. Bricker:  Co H

Joseph U. Bricker:  Co H

Leslie G. Bricker:  Co H

John Brindle:  Co F


Caleb Brokaw:  Co H

F Reason Brouse:  Co G

Jacob Brouse:  Co G

William Brouse:  Co G

Enos Brown:  Co E

Hugh M. Brown:  Co A

Isaiah Brown:  Co E

James Brown:  Co D

John B. Brown:  Co E

Lewis Brown:  Co E

William Brown:  Co F

William W. Brown:  Co F

David Brubaker:  Co B

Henry Brubaker:  Co H

John Brubaker:  Co B

William H. Bruce:  Co K

Thomas Bucher:  Co A

Daniel Buchwalter:  Co A

Enos Buchwalter:  Co A

Henry Buck:  Co F

William Buck:  Co I

Aaron Buckley:  Co C

John E. Buckley:  Co C

Andrew Budd:  Co A

Samuel Budd:  Co C

William Budd:  Co C

Christian Buischlen:  Co I

Levi Buker:  Co D

Benton Burkhimer [Barkhamer]:  Co G

Leonard Burkholder:  Co F

David Burn [Bunn]:  Co G

Ira Burnett:  Co H

Thomas J. Burns:  Co E

Thomas S. Burns:  Co E

Andrew C. Bushong:  Co H

James Bussing:  Co I

Bigelow Buzzard:  Co H

William Buzzard:  Co C

Joseph Byerly:  Co C

Crawford Byers:  Co C

John O. Byers:  Co B

Thomas C. Cake:  Co C

John P. Campbell:  Co E

Samuel B. Carlin:  Co E

William Carmichael:  Co K

Lucius C. Carr:  Co A

James Carrothers:  Co K

James M. Carson:  Co A

William Cary:  Co D

Augustus Case:  Co E  also  Co I

Matthew W. Case:  Co E

John Casey:  Co C

James Caskey:  Co A

John S. Caskey:  Co E

Daniel Chacey:  Co E

Jeremiah Chacey:  Co E

Abraham Chamberlain:  Co K

Charles I. Chaney:  Co K

James Channel:  Co B

Amon Chew:  Co K

William W. Chew:  Co B

Samuel Christine:  Co C

James W. Christy:  Co D

Samuel W. Christy:  Co D

Alfred S. Church:  Co I

Alonzo B. Church:  Co I

William Ciphers:  Co C

John T. Clark:  Co D

Shannon Clement:  Co K

George P. Cline:  Co K

Andrew Clinger:  Co F

George W. Clouse:  Co G

William Cockburn:  Co K

Martin Cockran:  Co K

Stephen M. Coe:  Co A

Arthur W. Coffin:  Co F

George B. Cole:  Co C

John Cole:  Co C

John Cole:  Co H

John W. Cole:  Co C

William H. Cole:  Co H

Arthur Coleman:  Co I

James Coleman:  Co I

Joseph Comp:  Co A

George W. Conyer:  Co K

Lemuel Cook:  Co D

Samuel Cook:  Co I

Henry A. Cooper:  Co G

Henry F. Cooper:  Co G

William L Cooper:  Co K

Charles Cornell:  Co K

John Cosner:  Co I

David Cotter:  Co I

John Cotter:  Co F

Martin V. B. Coulter:  Co B

Silas Coulter:  Co C

Jonas S. Coup:  Co E

Christopher Cowell:  Co A

Christopher Cowell:  Co E

William H. Cowell:  Co E

John M. Crabb:  Co C

Gibson Craig:  Co C

Thomas Craig:  Co K

William F. Craig:  Co K

John E. Cramer:  Co I

Andrew Crawford:  Co D

Alfred J. Creigh:  Co I

Henry H. Crooks:  Co I

Joseph Cross:  Co K

Robert C. Crow:  Co D

Thomas Crowner:  Co H

James Crozier:  Co K

Israel Crull:  Co F

David Crumrine:  Co F

William Cuddy:  Co G

Henry H. Culler:  Co B

John J. Culler:  Co B

Melanchthon Culler:  Co B

Cyrus C. Dague:  Co G

Gabriel C. Dague:  Co G

Thomas J. Dague:  Co G

Marion Dalton:  Co C

Aaron Davenport:  Co K

Thomas N. Davenport:  Co K

Henry Davis:  Co B

Henry B. Davis:  Co C

Stephen Davis:  Co C

Leonidas Day:  Co B

Ezra Dean:  Field and Staff

Minor H. Dean:  Co B

Philip M. Deardorff:  Co D

John [Jacob] Dearth:  Co I

Henry Delancy:  Co F

Joseph Dent:  Co B

Thomas Denvier:  Co K

George Detrick:  Co G

Jacob Detrick:  Co G

John Detrick:  Co G

David Dewitt:  Co K

Johnson M. Dewitt:  Co K

Ephraim Dial:  Co K

John Dickson:  Co I

Aaron Diehl:  Co E

Henry Dissinger:  Co B

Joseph Dodge:  Unassigned listed at bottom of Co K

John M. Dorlan [Dorland]:  Co F

Charles H. Dorland:  Co F

James Douglass:  Co K

William Douglass:  Co A

William Dow:  Co F

Joseph H. Downing:  Co A

James M. Drake:  Co K

Charles H. Dudley:  Co I

William Dulin:  Co E

Aaron Duncan:  Co B

Henry Dunham:  Co A

James Dunham:  Co B

James Dunlap:  Co E

Nathan Dunlap:  Co H

Benjamin Eason:  Co E

Abijah Eaton:  Co G

James Eaton:  Co G

Nathaniel Eaton:  Co G

William Eaton:  Co G

Henry H. Eberhart:  Co B , also Co A

John Eberhart:  Co C

Samuel Eberhart:  Co E

Daniel R. Eberly:  Co D

Amos M. Eby:  Co C

Peter Eckert or Eckard:  Co D

Christian Eckie:  Co H

James P. Edwards:  Co I

James S. Edwards:  Co I

Peter Egner:  Co D

Herbert Ells:  Co I

Frederick Elser:  Co F

Hiram G. Elson:  Co D

George P. Emerick:  Co D

W. A. G. Emerson:  Field and Staff

Franklin Emery:  Co F

Samuel A. English:  Co A , also  Co K

James Eninger:  Co D

Thomas R. Erwin:  Co D

Christian Eschbaugh:  Co K

Jefferson Etling:  Co G

John J. Etzwiler:  Co K

Samuel Etzwiler:  Co I

William Everitt:  Co D

Abraham D. Eyeler [Eyerly]:  Co I

Jacob Farmer:  Co H

Joseph Farmer:  Co H

Salathiel Fast:  Co K

Tillman J. Featherlf:  Co B

Charles Ferguson:  Co B

James Ferguson:  Co I

Abraham Fetzer:  Co A

George E. Fetzer:  Co H

Henry Fink:  Co D

Johnson Fink:  Co D

Joseph Finkbiner:  Co I

Luther Finley:  Co A

Matthias Finley:  Co F

David Firestone:  Co E

Jacob H. First:  Co D

James First:  Co B

Erasmus D. Fisher:  Co G

Harrison Fisher:  Co C

Jacob Fisher:  Co F

George A. Flaharty:  Co H

George Fleming:  Co B

Benjamin Flickinger:  Co G

Robert Fockler:  Co K

John K. Fogle:  Co K

David E. Foltz:  Co A

James Force:  Co B

Samuel Foreman:  Co F

John S. Fortney [Alexander Anderson]:  Co D

John J. A. Foss:  Co H

Henry G. Foster:  Co E

Peter Fox:  Co H

Isaac France:  Co E

Michael France:  Co F

Daniel W. Frank:  Co E

Abraham Franks:  Co A

Eli M. Frary:  Co D

Elias Fraunfelter:  Co F  also Field and Staff

Andrew Fredline:  Co F

Joseph B. Freed:  Co B

Benjamin Freedley:  Co A

Lewis Frenalman:  Co E

Daniel French:  Field and Staff

James French:  Co K

John Fronce:  Co C

David Fry:  Co K

David S. Funk:  Co A

David B. Funk:  Co D  also  Co F

Isaac Funk:  Co D

John Gable:  Co F

 Jonathan Gable:   Co B

Johnson R. Gaddis:  Co H

Robert R. Gailey:  Co D

Harvey H. Galehouse:  Co G

 John Wesley Galehouse:  Co G

Daniel Gallagher:  Co H

John H. Garber:  Field and Staff

Samuel Garber:  Co G

Andrew Gardhefner [Gardheffner]:  Co G

George W. Gardner:  Co E

John Gardner:  Co A

Martin S. Gardner:  Co F

John Garner:  Co F

George Gast:  Co F

Howard Gates:  Co G

Samuel Gault:  Co E

William G. Gault:  Co E

Benjamin F. Gaut:  Co D

Albert Gautie:  Co G

Samuel Geiselman:  Co A

David George:  Co F

Henry W. Gessinger:  Co E

Anthony L. Gettle:  Co C

Franklin Getz:  Co I

David Giffin:  Co C

John C. Gill:  Field and Staff

James Gillis:  Co C

George Ginther [Gunther]:  Co C

John Gochenhour [Gochnauer]:  Co G

 Thomas Golden:  Co G

George E. Good:  Co A

William Goodman:  Co I

Jacob Goon:  Co B

Calvin Gorrell:  Co B

William Gould:  Co D

Bryant Grant:  Co H

John Gray:  Co C

William L. Gray:  Co C

Thomas Green:  Co E

Wilson S. Greenfield:  Co A

Thomas Gribbon:  Co F

Henry B. Grindle:  Co C

Andrew Griner:  Co H

William Grosvenor:  Co I

Alfred C. Grow:  Co G

John H. Grubaugh:  Co H

Henry Grunder:  Co E

Cyrus Gunwell:  Co K

James Guthrie:  Co A

Nathaniel Guthrie:  Co K

William Hagens:  Co E

Elijah Hague:  Co D

Isaac Haines:  Co A

Conrad Haiser:  Co B

William Hall:  Co K

Charles K Hamilton
see James Wilson of Co K below

Rozelous R. or Rezeland Hamlin:  Co D

Daniel Hamman:  Co G

John W. Hammond:  Field and Staff

David Hanavious [Hannafus]:  Co I

James R. Hanna:  Co D

William Hannan:  Co C

Horace A. Harbaugh:  Co H

John Harbaugh:  Co D

John Harbaugh:  Co G

Presley M. Harbaugh:  Co D

John Harbrond:  Co F

Franklin Hargrave ..... Actually in Company A, 121st OVI

Jacob Harker:  Co C

James Harlan:  Co C

Samuel Harlan:  Co C

John Harney:  Co G

Henry Harpster:  Co C

David W. Harris:  Co K

Robert J. Harris:  Co F

Thomas M. Harris:  Co G

Abraham Harshey:  Co G

Patrick Hart:  Co G

Daniel Harter:  Co B

Jacob Harter:  Co B

Matthais Harter:  Co B

Alexander A. Hartman:  Co E

Henry Hartman:  Co D

Peter M. Harvey:  Co G

William Harvey:  Co C

John S. Hawks [Hawkins]:  Co C

Nicholas S. Hawkins:  Co A

David Hay:  Co B

Franklin Hayes:  Co C

Lester Hayes:  Co C

Calvin Hazlett:  Co B

Peter Heckert:  Co F

John C. Heffleman:  Co G

John Heller:  Co D

Daniel Henney:  Co C

John A. Henney:  Co C

Martin L. Henny [HENRY]:  Co B

William Henny [HENRY]:  Co I

William C. Henny [HENRY]:  Co A

Nicholas S. Henry:  Co B

William H. Hettinger:  Co F

William Higgins:  Co I

George W. Hight:  Co E

William Hildebrand:  Co F

Israel Hileman:  Co A

August Hill:  Co G

Horace D. Hill:  Co D

Richard A. Hill:  Co B

Thomas S. Hill:  Co I

Aaron Hilliard:  Co F

Benjamin F. Hoch:  Co I

 John W. Hoegner:  Co E

David L. Hoff:  Co H

James C. Holland:  Co I

Daniel Hollet  [WALLET]:  Co F

Franklin Holmes:  Co E

Jonathan Holmes:  Co F

Simon Holmes:  Co A

Amos Holtzberg:  Co A

Lewis L. Hoopes:  Co B

Thomas J. Hoopes:  Co B

Lewis Hoover:  Co H

Samuel Hoover:  Co G

Samuel E. Hoover:  Co H

Michael Horn:  Co K

Henry D. Hossinger [Hassinger]:  Co B

William Hough:  Co E

Solomon Houser:  Co F

Hiram Howe:  Co G

Christopher Huber:  Co C

George F. Huffman:  Co K

Albert Hughes:  Co A

Jacob Hughes:  Co K

John Hughes:  Co B

William Hughes:  Co C , also  Co F

James H. Hulitt:  Co B  

Lewis O. Hull:  Co B

Samuel Hunt:  Co B

Lemuel Hunter:  Co H

William Hunter:  Co H

William J. Hunter:  Co C

Isaac D. Huntsberger:  Co A

Amos Hurst:  Co A

David Hurst:  Co C

Augustus Hushouer:  Co E

Benjamin [F.] Huson:  Co K

George G. Huston:  Co B

Jeremiah Huston:  Co B

Joseph Hutchison:  Co B

Wilson Hutchison:  Co E

 Miniah [Minnah] Hyatt:  Co G

Peter Hyer:  Co I

John H. Hyman:  Co K

Charles E. Jackson:  Co B

George Jackson:  Co G

William J. Jackson:  Co F

Rodney Jameson:  Co D

William A. Jameson:  Co G

James Jarvis:  Co C

Jacob Johns:  Co G

James W. Johnson:  Co D

Milford Johnson:  Co K

Silas Johnson:  Co D

Thomas Johnson:  Co D

William Johnson:  Co G

Abel Joliff:  Co E

Amasa Jones:  Co C

Benjamin T. Jones:  Co G  also Field and Staff

Isaiah Jones:  Co A

John Jones:  Co G

William H. Jones:  Co E

William R. Jones:  Co C

Isaac Judd:  Co F

Henry Kahler:  Co G

Michael Kauffman:  Co K

John L. Kean:  Co A

Josiah Keiffer:  Co F

Isaac N. Keiffer:  Co H

Adam A. Keister:  Co D

Elijah G. Keister:  Co D

John C. Keister:  Co D

Andrew B. Keith:  Co F

John Keller:  Co H

Eli H. Kelley [Kelly]:  Co H

Washington Kelso:  Co I

 James Keltner:  Co I

William Kenton:  Co B

Amor Kepner:  Co F

John Kerr:  Co K

Thomas Kerr:  Co K

Francis Kidd:  Co D

John Kidd:  Co A

Isaiah N. Kieffer:  Co A

George W. Kime:  Co E

William Kincaid:  Co C

Daniel Kindig:  Co H

Henry Kinsley:  Co K

Samuel Kinsley:  Co K

Franklin Kissinger:  Co G

Thomas W. Kithcart:  Co B

John Kizer:  Co K

Michael Kling:  Co I

Andrew Klinger [See Clinger]

William Koerber:  Co K

Jacob Kohlman:  Co A

Charles Kramer:  Co D

Jacob Krauter:  Co H

Philip Kuhn:  Co I   also Field and Staff

Benjamin Kurtz:  Co A

Daniel Lair:  Co F

Nicholas Lancaster:  Unassigned listed at bottom of Co K

Adolphus Lane:  Co G

Harmon D. Lane:  Co G

James Latimer:  Co C

 H. W. Laubher aka Henry H. Loutham:  Co K

Charles O. Lawrence:  Co D

John F. Lawrence:  Co A

William Q. Lawrence:  Co G

John Ledgerd:  Co E

Parker Leefer [Leeper]:  Co K

Jacob Lehman:  Co A

John Leiper:  Co I

Miller T. Leitner:  Co K

Uriah Leru:  Co H

John Leylander:  Co K

George W. Lickliter:  Co B

Solomon Lightcap:  Co K

George W. Lightfoot:  Co H

George C. Likes:  Co B

Israel Lindly:  Co I

John Lininger:  Co D

Joseph Link:  Co G

William Londerwitch [LAUTERMILCH]:  Co F

Davidson Long:  Co H

Joshua W. Long:  Co E

Peter Longanecker:  Co D

August Longey:  Co K

Augustus Longey:  Co K

Edmund Longley [LANGLEY]:  Co G

Wilson S. Loop:  Co D

Henry H. Loutham aka H. W. LAUBHER:  Co K

Henry Lucas:  Co G

Samuel Ludwick:  Co G

C Lurwell:  Co K

Emanuel Lutz:  Co F

Jacob M. Lutz:  Co B

John D. Mackey:  Co B also Co A and Field and Staff

Andrew Manhart:  Co H

 James M. Manly:  Co I

Perry Manly:  Co H

Jennins Manning:  Co G

James F. Manor:  Co I

Abraham Mansfield:  Co G

John M. Marrietta [Marietta]:  Co E

Abner Marshall:  Co C

Archibald Marshall:  Co C

 Joseph Marshall:  Co G

Abraham Martin:  Co A

August Martin:  Co K

James F. Martin:  Co I

Josiah R. Martin:  Co I

William Martin:  Co F

Franklin W. Martz [MATZ]:  Co D

Benjamin F. Masters:  Co D

John S. B. Matson:  Co I

James D. Matthews:  Co H

James J. Maxwell:  Co I

John Maxwell:  Co F

James R. McCaleb [McCalib]:  Co F

Hiram H. McCance:  Co D

Hiram McCarty:  Co F

James McClain:  Co D

James S.McClain:  Co F

Henry McClay:  Co C

Christopher McClellan:  Co E

William A. McClellan:  Co B

James F. McClure:  Co C

James L. McClure:  Co K

Upton McClure:  Co E

John McConaghey:  Co D

Cyrus McConnell:  Co E

Neil McCoy:  Co A

William McCracken:  Co D

Cornelius McCrane:  Co G

Hiram McCrary:  Co B

William J. McCreary:  Co C

Wilson McCreary:  Co C

John W. McCrery:  Co E

Samuel McCullough:  Co F

Neal McDougal:  Co D

John McDowell:  Co D

Patrick McGee:  Co G

Henry McGlenn:  Co G

 John C. McIlvain:  Co I

William McIlvain:  Co E  also  Co I

Calvin McKee:  Co B

George B. McKee:  Co E  also Field and Staff

Robert McKee:  Co A

William M. McKee:  Co E

John F. McKinley:  Co C , also Field and Staff

John R. McKinney:  Co A

Elmore McMannis:  Co D

Franklin McMaster:  Co C

John A. McMillen:  Co K

John McQuigg:  Co A

Enoch Medsker:  Co G

Lloyd N. Meech:  Co G  

George H. Menter:  Co F

Charles D. Merritt:  Co D  also  Co E

William Metzger:  Co K

George W. Metzler:  Co A

Newton F. Mickey:  Co K

Anthony W. Miller:  Co B

Benjamin F. Miller:  Co D

Charles E. Miller:  Co H

Elliott H. Miller:  Co B

Gustav Miller:  Co H

Israel Miller:  Co D

Jacob Miller:  Co E

Lewis W. Miller:  Co C

Philip Miller:  Co E

Philip Miller:  Co K

Samuel W. Miller:  Co B

Simon Miller:  Co H

Wesley D. Miller:  Co E

William Miller:  Co H

William B. Milliken:  Co I

John W. Millington:  Co F

Benjamin F. Mills:  Co G

Adam Mish:  Co F

Roland Mitchell:  Co I

Frederick S. Moffitt:  Co B

Valentine Moffitt:  Co D

Daniel Mohler:  Co F

Henry Mondorff:  Co K

Harrison L. Montgomery:  Co D

Rudolph M. Montgomery:  Co A

William E. Montgomery:  Co A

Albert H. Moore:  Co K

Charles Moore:  Co A

George W. Moore:  Co G

Robert Mooreland:  Co A

William Mooterspaugh:  Co D

Jacob Morfoot:  Co K

Benjamin Morgan:  Co C

William Morris:  Co C

Solomon S. Morrison:  Co B

Alexander Morrow:  Co I

Matthew Morrow:  Co I

William R. Morrow:  Co I

John H. Morton:  Co I

Henry Mosier:  Co K

Benjamin F. Motter [Charles White]:  Co G

 John Motter:  Co A

Henry R. Moury [Mowrey]:  Co E

Levi Mower:  Co A

Henry H. Mowers:  Co B

John H. Mowers:  Co B

Christian Mowry:  Co H

Matthais Mowry:  Co B

Obediah Munnell:  Co I

John Murry:  Co G

Gideon Musser:  Co E

Samuel Musser:  Co G

Michael Mutters:  Co G

Benjamin Myers:  Co F

David Myers:  Co I

George W. Myers:  Co I

Henry Myers:  Co I

Hiram Myers:  Co I

J Wesley Myers:  Co H

Jacob W. Myers:  Co F

Joseph Myers:  Co H

Menno S. Myers:  Co H

Tobias B. Myers:  Co H

William Myers:  Co E

William Myers:  Co F

William G. Myers:  Co G

William P. Myers:  Co H

Isaac S. Mylar:  Co H

Frederick Nauman:  Co G

Jacob Nauman:  Co G

Augustus E. Nazor:  Co I

Thomas J. Nelson:  Co K

Orin W. Newton:  Co I

Benjamin J. Nisewender [Neiswander]:  Co E

Elmer Nisewender:  Co E

Charles Nixon:  Co F

Uriah Nolen:  Co F

Martin Nooman:  Co G

John Noony [Nooney]:  Co I

David Norick:  Co B

Benjamin N. Norris:  Co H

John [Joseph] F. Norton:  Co D

John Null:  Co H

Andrew Nunemaker:  Co F

Daniel O'Keefe Sr:  Co I

Daniel O'Keefe Jr:  Co I

William M. Orr:  Co H

Joseph Ott:  Co I

Edward Otto:  Co C

John Otto:  Co G

Henry Over:  Co F

Daniel Oyster:  Co I

Daniel Painter:  Co E

David Painter:  Co E

Eli F. Palmer:  Co I

George D. Palmer:  Co E

John Palmer:  Co F

John T. Palmer:  Co K

James F. Pancost:  Co E

John Parcel:  Co A

David H. Parcell:  Co K

George Parcher:  Co K

William Parker:  Co B

Milton Parks:  Co I

Andrew Parr:  Co B

James Patrick:  Co D

Samuel [Lemuel] Patterson:  Co E

Benjamin Payne:  Co I

George A. Pealer:  Co B

James Peppard:  Co D

Harmon B. Pershin [Pershing]:  Co E

Henry F. Peters:  Co I

John Peterson:  Co B

Racilius G. Peterson:  Co B

John S. Petty:  Co C , also Field and Staff

Patrick Phelan:  Co H

Charles Phillips:  Co I

Isaiah Phillips:  Co D

Samuel Pierce:  Co I

Jacob Pinkerton:  Co D

William Piper:  Co D

Cyrus Plank:  Co F

John J. Plank:  Co H

Morris D. Plank:  Co F

John W. Plum:  Co D

David Pollock:  Co F

James R. Pollock:  Co G  also  Co I

Charles Pool:  Co I

John Pool:  Co I

Elias Porter:  Co G

John A. Porter:  Co E

Benjamin W. Post:  Co I

Benjamin Pressler:  Co B

Joseph B. Pritchard:  Co B

John H. Purcell:  Co G

Joseph C. Purdey:  Co K

John Rapp:  Co E

John Ray:  Co A

Ovid M. Ray:  Co B

Samuel Ray:  :  Co A

Zachariah Ray:  Co A

John Reading:  Co C

Dallas Reaser:  Co D

Francis B. Reckard [Rickerd]:  Co F

George Reckard [Rickard]:  Co F

James Reckard [Rickerd]:  Co F

Levi Redman [Rebman]:  Co E

Hiram Reed:  Co A

Jacob S. Reed:  Co I

Thomas M. Reed:  Co H

William Reed:  Co G

Morgan Reese:  Co F

Michael Reichard:  Co F

Wendell Reinhard:  Co D

William Reinoehl:  Field and Staff

David McK. Rhodes:  Co C

Henry Rhodes:  Co C

William F. Richey:  Co I

Joseph H. Richie:  Co I  also  Field and Staff

Peter P. Rickel:  Co F

William Rickel:  Co F

William S. Rickey:  Co K

John E. Rider:  Co E

Levi Rider:  Co B

David Rife:  Co G

John Rigdon:  Co G

Isaac Risser:  Co K

Joseph Risser:  Co C

Theodore D. Risser:  Co H

William Rittenhouse:  Co E

William R. Rittenhouse:  Co B

Levi Ritter:  Co I

Charles Rizor:  Co K

Sherman Roberson:  Co C

Thomas H. Roberts:  Co K

James A. Robinson:  Co H

John Robinson:  Co D

William Robinson:  Co C

John Robison:  Co A

Samuel Robison [Robinson]:  :  Co A

William Roddy:  Co I

John J. Rodenheber:  Co C

John A. Ropp:   Co E

Joseph E. Roseborough:  Co E

Mahlon Rouch:  Co A  also Field and Staff

John M. Rowinsky:  Co I

Abraham Ruhman:  Co K

Adam Rumbaugh:  Co E

Joseph P. Rummel:  Co B , also in Co A

Jacob Rupley:  Co A

Freeman K. Rush:  Co C

Martin S. Ryal:  Co G

George W. Saltzman:  Co F

John Sansenbaugh:  Co K

Albert Schaaf:  Co A

Michael Schaaf:  Co A

William Schindler:  Co H

Augustus Schwartz:  Co E

John C. Scott:  Co C

John H. Scott:  Co I

Charles Scruby:  Co A

Joseph D. Seibert:  Co C

Elias Seig [SIEG]:  Co G

John Sexton:  Co H

Henry Shaffer:  Co B

Alonzo Shambaugh:  Co C

George Shambaugh:  Co B

Henry Shambaugh:  Co C

William S. Shambaugh:  Co C

Henry S. Shaner:  Co D

James Shank:  Co K

William Shanklin:  Co D

Martin L. Sharp:  Co B

Thomas A. Shaver:  Co E

Alfred N. Shaw:  Co K

Francis F. Shellman:  Co H

Elias Shenabarger:  Co B

Wilson S. Shenabarger:  Co B

Henry S. Sherman: Co B  also Field and Staff

Joseph A. Shivley:  Co D

Charles Shott:  Co K

William H. Shoup:  Co E

Joseph Showalter:  Co E

Emanuel Shreve:  Co A

Israel H. Shreve:  Co A

William A. Shreve:  Co A

George Shriner:  Co F

William D. Shurtz:  Co A

Jared Sigler:  Co C

Marion Sigler:  Co C

Henry Simmons:  Co G

John R. Simmons:  Co B

Joseph Slagle:  Co H

John Sloan:  Co F

Samuel Sloan:  Co F

Thomas Sloan:  Co F

Willard Slocum:  Field and Staff

John W. Smalley:  Co F

Samuel Smedley:  Co A

Richard Smily [Smilie]:  Co F

George Smith:  Co E

Henry Smith:  Co A

James Smith:  Co A

John Smith:  Co G

John Smith:  Co K

Samuel A. Smith:  Co H

Thomas M. Smith:  Co F

Washington J. Smith:  Co K

Albert Smyser:  Co D

David L. Snoddy:  Co B

Henry Snure:  Co A

Joseph Snyder:  Co K

Marion B. Snyder:  Co F

Philip Snyder:  Co F

Jacob R. Soliday:  Co A

George Spacht:  Co G

Thomas J. Spade:  Co C

Peter Sparr:  Co A

Wesley W. Spear:  Co D  also Co E

William Spencer:  Co D

William G. Spencer:  Co E

Marcus Spiegel:  Field and Staff

John Spigle:  Co F

John Spitzer:  Co G

William H. H. Sponsler:  Co A

Franklin Springer:  Co G

Norman Springer:  Co G

Andrew J. Stake:  Co H

George W. Stake:  Co H

William Stamets:  Co F

Martin J. Stanley:  Co G

William B. Stanley:  Co E

Byron Stanton:  Field and Staff

John E. Starn:  Co D

William W. Starn:  Co H

Daniel Stauffer:  Co C

Henry Stauffer:  Co F

Henry Stauffer:  Co H

Jacob Stauffer:  Co B

John Stauffer:  Co A

Martin Stauffer:  Co G

Matthias Stauffer:  Co B

Alonzo M. Stearns:  Co C

John Steel:  Co K

John Steimer:  Unassigned listed at bottom of Co K

Hubert D. Stevens [Hubbard D.]:  Co K

Thomas C. Stevens:  Co C

John Stewart:  Co B

William W. Stewart:  Co B

Andrew J. Stichler:  Co B

Jacob Stinehouer:  Co E

Robert T. Stitt:  Co A

Abraham Stiver:  Co I

Richard Stock:  Co G

Hiram Stone:  Co A

William Stone:  Co H

George W. Stoner:  Co B

Merrick A. Stoner:  Co H

Marcus L. Stophlet:  Co D

Francis Story:  Co G

Franklin F. Stottler [Stotler]:  Co G

Christopher C. Stouffer:  Field and Staff

William H. Stougt:  Co E

Henry Stover:  Co C

John H. Straher:  Co D

Tolbert B. Strauss:  Co D

John E. Strickler:  Co B

Samuel E. Strine:  Co C

Addison Strong:  Co G

Isaac Strong:  Co I

Lewis O. Stull:  Co B

William Stull:  Co B

Alfred Sturges:  Co F

Ezra Stutzman:  Co H

Jacob Sullinger:  Co E

Robert Sumney:  Co A

James Swackhamer:  Co D

William Swan:  Co B

Alexander J. Swanger:  Co K

George Swanger:  Co K

John W. Swanger:  Co G

Henry Sweringer:  Co C

Peter A. Swigart:  Co B

John Swinehart:  Co D

John Switzer:  Co F

George W. Sybert:  Co K

Martin V. Taggart:  Co I

William R. Taggart:  Co A

William W. Taggart:  Field and Staff

Frederick Tanner:  Co K

John Tanney:  Co C

Thomas C. Tawney:  Co C

James B. Taylor:  Co H

Thomas B. Taylor:  Co H

Albert Thompson:  Co F

Amos Thompson:  Co D

John E. Thompson:  Co D

Peter Thompson:  Co B

Adam M. Thornton:  Co C

Samuel W. Thorley:  Co E

James Tinsler Jr:  Co A

John Tobbin:  Co G

Jacob Toby:  Co I

Abraham Toms:  Co A

Jonathan C. Torrence:  Co C

Hiram E. Totten:  Co E

Leonard Tressel:  Co I

Elias Troyer:  Co H

David H. Tuttle:  Co K

George S. Unkel:  Co E

Hiram Urban:  Co D

Emanuel M. Vanasdal:  Co H

Cornelius Van Dorsta [Van Dorsten, Van Dortan, Vandorstan, Vandorston]:  Co E

Albin Vangilder:  Co C

William Vangilder:  Co C

Joseph P. Vannest:  Co F

Marion Vanoman [VAN ARNAM, Vanornam]:  Co F

William V. Vanostern:  Co A  also Field and Staff

Peter Vanscoyce:  Co B

Ferdinand Vieny:  Co H

Jacob Vieny:  Co H

Charles Vinter:  Co C

Isaac Wagnor:  Co E

Michael Wagnor:  Co D

Frederick Wagoner:  Co F

Charles Wallace:  Co I

Charles Wallace:  Co I

James M. Wallace:  Co I

Robert P. Wallace:  Co C , also  Co E

William W. Wallace:  Co A

Daniel Wallet [See Hollet]:  Co F

Cyrus Walter:  Co A

Edward Waltz:  Co G

Charles C. Ward:  Co B

John W. Waters:  Co D

William W. Watson:  Co A

Charles Weant:  Co H

Jackson Weatherbee:  Co C

Lucius M. B. Weatherbee:  Co C

Daniel Weaver:  Co A

Hugh Weaver:  Co F

John Weaver:  Co D

John R. Weaver:  Co H

George Webb:  Co E

Lyman Webster:  Co K

Jesse Weddle:  Co D

Samuel Weirick:  Co C

Elias Welch:  Co G

John Welch:  Co G

Rankin E. Welch:  Co F

Benjamin S. Wells:  Co A

Cyreneus Wells:  Co A

George W. Wells:  Co E

Judson [Adoniram J.] Wells:  Co A

John H. Weltmer:  Co E

Henry G. Welty:  Co I

GeorgeW. Wertman:  Co F

Eli Wheeler:  Co H

Simon Whitamire:  Co C

Charles White [Benjamin F Motter]:  Co G

Samuel L. Whonsettler:  Co E

Cyrus J. Wilford:  Co A

Enoch H. Wilford:  Co G

Owen Wilhelm:  Co D

Jeremiah Willaman:  Co H

Cyrus Willford:  Co H

Charles H. Williams:  Co H

David Williams:  Co B

Robert Williams:  Co I

William P. Williams:  Co B

John A. Willower [Willour]:  Co D

Alfred Wilson:  Co I

Erastus B. Wilson:  Co B

George H. Wilson:  Co B

Jacob Wilson:  Co E

James Wilson alias Charles K Hamilton:  Co K

James Wilson:  Co C

James A. Wilson:  Co A

James V. Wilson:  Co B

Shannon Wilson:  Co E

Simon P. Wilson:  Co G

Walter M. Wilson:  Co B

William Wilson:  Co I

William [S.] Wilson:  Co C

James Winbigler:  Co C

Joseph Winemiller:  Co I

George M. Winkler:  Co D

John Winkler:  Co D

Joseph Winkler:  Co D

Lawrence B. Winkler:  Co A

Eliott Winters:  Co C

Eugene Wisard:  Co D

Hiram B. Wisner:  Co D

Henry Witmer [Witwer]:  Co H

John Wolfe:  Co B

Amos Wood:  Unassigned listed at bottom of Co K

John P. Woodhull:  Co C

James H. Woods:  Co I

John Woolf:  Co D

Joseph Woolf:  Co D

George Wrath:  Co K

George W. Wyant:  Co B

Henry Wyant:  Co B

Jesse Wynn:  Co E

Elijah P. Yarnell:  Co C

Abraham Yearick:  Co F

Isaac Yearick:  Co F

Amos Yergan:  Co E

Peter Yochin:  Co I

Henry Yocum:  Co E

 Joseph R. Yoder:  Co H

William Yost:  Co G

Edwin Zartman:  Co F

Thomas B. Zediker:  Co B

Robert M. Zuver:  Co F



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